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Research Roundup - April 2011

Focus on economic effects of natural disasters (Summary)
magnifyNatural-disaster shocks and the fiscal stance of countries
Government deficits often rise in the aftermath of natural disasters  – especially in poor countries and with limited insurance penetration.
Working Paper 5564, Feb. 2011
Natural disasters and their welfare impacts in Vietnam

Riverine floods and hurricanes in large cities can cause immediate welfare losses between 23 and 52 percent.

Working Paper 5491, Dec. 2010
SystemicEnterprise recovery following natural disasters
Business recovery in Sri Lanka after the December 2004 tsunami was slower than commonly assumed, with disaster-affected enterprises lagging behind unaffected comparable firms more than three years later.
Working Paper 5269, Apr. 2010
Japanese mountain

When do governments require earthquake resilient construction? 
Mortality is higher at any level of quake propensity when governments have fewer incentives to provide public goods.
Working Paper 5182, Jan. 2010

densityBalancing gains from economic density with risk from natural hazards
A cope-mitigate-transfer framework applied to different types and sizes of cities suggests good hazard management is first and foremost good general urban management.
Working Paper 5161, Dec. 2009

Macroeconomic costs of natural disasters often sizable 
Estimates the short and long-run impact of climatic and other disasters on a country’s GDP.
Working Paper 5039, Sep. 2009

droughtGrowth impact of natural disasters varies
Describes the macroeconomic aftermath of four types of natural disasters: droughts, floods, earthquakes, and storms.
Working Paper 5002, July 2009
growthNatural disasters and growth–beyond the averages
The effects of disasters on growth depend on the type of event and the stage of economic development.
Working Paper 4980, June 2009

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