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Poverty and Inequality: 2010 Publications

Journal Articles
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Journal Articles


Almeida, Rita, and Emanuela Galasso. 2010. “Jump-starting Self-Employment? Evidence for Welfare Participants in Argentina.” World Development 38(5): 742–55.

Baird, Sarah, Ephraim Chirwa, Craig McIntosh, and Berk Özler. 2010. “The Short-Term Impacts of a Schooling Conditional Cash Transfer Program on the Sexual Behavior of Young Women.” Health Economics 19 (S1): 55–68.

Ban, Radu, Monica Das Gupta, and Vijayendra Rao. 2010. “The Political Economy of Village Sanitation in South India: Capture or Poor Information?” Journal of Development Studies 46(4): 685-700.

Beegle, Kathleen G. 2010. “Orphanhood and Human Capital Destruction: Is there Persistence into Adulthood?” Demography 47(1): 163–80.

Carletto, Calogero, Angeli Kirk, Paul Winters, and Benjamin Davis. 2010 “Globalization and Smallholders: The Adoption, Diffusion, and Welfare Impact of Non-Traditional Export Crops in Guatemala.” World Development 38(6): 814–27.

Davis, Benjamin, Calogero Carletto, and Paul Winters. 2010. “Migration, Transfers and Economic Decision Making among Agricultural Households.” Journal of Development Studies 46(1): 1–13.

Davis, Benjamin, Paul Winters, Calogero Carletto, Katia Covarrubias, Esteban J. Quiñones, Alberto Zezza, Kostas Stamoulis, Carlo Azarri, and Stefania DiGiuseppe. 2010. “A Cross Country Comparison of Rural Income Generating Activities.” World Development 38 (1): 48–63.

Do, Quy-Toan, and Lakshmi Iyer. 2010. “Geography, Poverty and Conflict in Nepal.” Journal of Peace Research 47(6): 735–48. Abstract 

Do, Quy-Toan, and Tung Duc Phung. 2010. “The Importance of Being Wanted.” American Economic Journal Applied Economics 2(4): 236–53.

Ferreira, Francisco, Phillippe George Leite, and Martin Ravallion,. 2010. “Poverty Reduction without Economic Growth? Explaining Brazil’s Poverty Dynamics, 1985-2004.” Journal of Development Economics 93(1): 20–36.

Kathleen G. Beegle, Deon P. Filmer, Lucia Tiererova, and Andrew Stokes. 2010. “Orphanhood and the Living Arrangements of Children in Sub-Saharan Africa.” World Development 38 (12): 1727–46.

Gangopadhyay, Shubhashis, Peter Lanjouw, Tara Vishwanath, and Yoshida Nobuo. 2010. “Identifying Pockets of Poverty: Insights from Poverty Mapping Experiments in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal.Indian Journal of Human Development 4(1). Abstract

Ivaschenko, Oleksiy, and Peter Lanjouw. 2010. “A New Approach to Producing Geographic Profiles of HIV Prevalence: an Application to Malawi.” World Medical and Health Policy 2(1): 235–66.

Jenkins, Rachel, Florence Baingana, Jed Friedman, and others. 2010. “Mental Health and the Development Agenda in Sub-Saharan Africa.” Psychiatric Services 61(3): 229–34.

Lanjouw, Peter, and Vijayendra Rao. 2010. “Revisiting Between-Group Inequality Measurement: An Application to the Dynamics of Caste Inequality in Two Indian Villages.” World Development 39 (2): 174–87.

Miluka, Juna, Calogero Carletto, Benjamin Davis and Alberto Zezza. 2010. “The Vanishing Farm? The Impact of International Migration on Albanian Family Farming.” Journal of Development Studies 46 (1): 140–61.

Rao, Vijayendra. 2010. Book Review of “Mixed Method Data Collection Strategies” by William Axinn and Lisa Pearce. Economic Development and Cultural Change 58 (2): 37376.

Rao, Vijayendra, and Paromita Sanyal. 2010. “Dignity through Discourse: Poverty and the Culture of Deliberation in Indian Village Democracies.” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 629: 146–72.

Ravallion, Martin, and Shaohua Chen. 2010. “The Developing World is Poorer than We Thought, but No Less Successful in the Fight against Poverty.” Quarterly Journal of Economics 125(4): 1577–1625.

Ravallion, Martin, and Michael M. Lokshin. 2010. “Who Cares About Relative Deprivation?” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 73(2): 171–85.

Schneider, Friedrich, Andreas Buehn, and Claudio E. Montenegro. 2010. “New Estimates for the Shadow Economies All Over the World.” International Economic Journal 24(4): 443–61.

Stecklov, Guy, Calogero Carletto, Carlo Azzarri, and Benjamin Davis. 2010. “Gender and Migration from Albania.” Demography 47(4): 935–61.

Winters, Paul, Timothy Essam, Alberto Zezza, Benjamin Davis, and Calogero Carletto. 2010. “Patterns of Rural Development: A Cross-Country Comparison Using Microeconomic Data.” Journal of Agricultural Economics 61(3): 628–51.

Woolcock, Michael. 2010. “The Rise and Routinization of Social Capital, 1988-2008.” Annual Review of Political Science 13: 469–87.

Woolcock, Michael. 2010. “Global Poverty and Inequality: A Brief Retrospective and Prospective Analysis.” Special issue of Political Quarterly (Options for Britain II: Cross-Cutting Policy Issues – Changes and Challenges)79 (Issue Suppliment s1): 18396.







Aksoy, M. Ataman, and Bernard Hoekman, eds. 2010. Food Prices and Rural Poverty. Washington, DC: World Bank; London: Centre for Economic Policy Research.
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Carletto, Calogero, Benjamin Davis, and Paul Winters, eds. 2010. Migration, Transfers and Economic Decision Making among Agricultural Households. Special Issue of the Journal of Development Studies. London: Routledge Press.


Book Chapters


Adler, Daniel, and Michael Woolcock. 2010. “Justice without the Rule of Law? The Challenge of Rights-Based Industrial Relations in Contemporary Cambodia.” In Human Rights at Work: Perspectives on Law and Regulation, ed. Colin Fenwick and Tonia Novitz. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Aksoy, M. Ataman, Javier Beverinotti, Katia Covarrubias, and Alberto Zezza. 2010. “Household Income Structures in Low-Income Countries.” In Food Prices and Rural Poverty, ed. Ataman Aksoy and Bernard Hoekman. Washington, DC: World Bank; London: Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Bamberger, Michael, Vijayendra Rao, and Michael Woolcock, 2010. “Using Mixed Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation: Experiences from International Development.” In Handbook of Mixed Methods Research, ed. Abbas Tashakkori and Charles Teddlie. CA: Sage Publishers.

Beegle, Kathleen G. 2010. “Patterns of Migration in Tanzania.” In Migration and Poverty: Towards Better Opportunities for the Poor, ed. Edmundo Murrugarra, Jennica Larrison, and Marcin Sasin. Washington, DC: World Bank.
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Beegle, Kathleen G., Markus Goldstein, and Markus Thirumurthy. 2010. “Microeconomic Perspectives on the Impacts of HIV/AIDS.” In The Socioeconomic Dimensions of HIV/AIDS in Africa: Challenges, Opportunities and Misconceptions, ed. David Sahn. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

Ferreira, Francisco H. G., and Jérémie Gignoux. 2010. “Inequality of Opportunity for Education: Turkey.” In Equity and Growth in a Globalizing World, ed. Ravi Kanbur and Michael Spence. Washington, DC: World Bank.
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Ferreira, Francisco, Phillippe G. Leite, and Matthew Wai-Poi. 2010 “Trade Liberalization, Employment Flows and Wage Inequality in Brazil.” In The Poor under Globalization in Asia, Latin America and Africa, ed. M. Nissanke and E. Thorbecke. Oxford University Press.
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Jones, Veronica Nyhan, and Michael Woolcock. 2010. “Measuring the Dimensions of Social Capital in Developing Countries.” In The Sage Handbook of Measurement, ed. Geoffrey Walford, Eric Tucker, and Madhu Viswanathan. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
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Woolcock, Michael. 2010. “The Place of Social Capital in Understanding Social and Economic Outcomes.” In International Social Work (Vol. 1), ed. Mel Gray and Stephen Webb. London: Sage Publications.

Woolcock, Michael, and Christopher Gibson. 2010. “Empowerment, Deliberative Development and Local Level Politics in Indonesia: Participatory Projects as a Source of Countervailing Power.” Reprinted in abbreviated form as “Collective Action and Conflict Resolution.” In Resources, Rights and Cooperation: A Sourcebook on Property Rights and Collective Action for Sustainable Development. Washington, DC: CGIAR Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi), International Food Policy Research Institute.

Woolcock, Michael, and Deepa Narayan. 2010. “Social Capital: Implications for Development Theory, Research, and Policy.” In Social Capital: Theory, Practice, Critique, ed. Mehmet Murat Sahin and A. Zeki Unal. Istanbul: Degisim Yayinlari (in Turkish).

Woolcock, Michael, and Simon Szreter. 2010. “Health by Association? Social Capital, Social Theory and the Political Economy of Public Health.” In The Ethics of Public Health (Vol. II), ed. Michael Freeman. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing.

Woolcock, Michael, Caroline Sage, and Nicholas Menzies. 2010. “Taking the Rules of the Game Seriously: Mainstreaming Justice. In Legal Empowerment: Practitioners’ Perspectives, ed. Stephen Golub. Rome: International Development Law Organization.
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Social Science and Policy Seminars 
This bi-weekly seminar series supplements the many research seminars in economics at the World Bank with the best scholarly work in the non-economic social sciences of anthropology, sociology, philosophy and political science that has implications for development thought and policy.
Contact: Varun Gauri, Email:
Topics and Speakers

Poverty and Applied Micro Seminars (internal only)
Contact: Dominique van de Walle and Quy-Toan Do, Email: 

Poverty and Inequality Analysis Course 2010
Contact: Michael Woolcock and Vijayendra Rao, Email: 


Data and Software


Global Income Inequality - Updates
Is global inequality (inequality among world citizens) stable, decreasing or increasing? How high it is? Is it mostly due to inequalities within nations or between nations? Is there a global middle class? Global inequality data for 1988-2002 now available.
Contact: Branko Milanovic, Email:

All the GINIS - Updates
Combined Gini data from Luxembourg Income Study (suffix LIS), Socio-Economic Database for Latin America (suffix SEDLAC), World Income Distribution (suffix WYD), World Bank Europe and Central Asia (suffix EE) and WIDER (suffix W) databases; with their key dummies (net/gross, income/expenditure, household/individual). More than 1500 consistent Gini values from 154 countries and covering the period from 1950 to 2008.  
Contact: Branko Milanovic, Email:








Ferreira, Francisco H. G., and David A. Robalino. 2010. “Social Protection in Latin America: The Unfinished Revolution.” World Bank Research Digest 4 (4): 7.

Rao, Vijayendra. 2010. “Deliberation for Development.” Blog post on “Let’s Talk Development,” World Bank, Washington, DC, 23 November 2010.

Woolcock, Michael, Patrick Barron, and Rachel Diprose. 2010. “CDD and Local Conflict: Part of the Problem or Part of a Solution?” Evaluating Responses to Conflict, Policy Brief 2/March, Conflict and Development Program. World Bank, Jakarta, Indonesia.



Working Papers

For more policy research working papers from the World Bank's institutional archives, search here using author’s last name, title or working paper number (“wpsxxxx”).

Baird, Sarah, Craig McIntosh, and Berk Özler. 2010. “Cash or Condition? Evidence from a Randomized Cash Transfer Program.” Policy Research Working Paper 5259, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Bamberger, Michael, Vijayendra Rao, and Michael Woolcock. 2010. “Using Mixed Methods in Monitoring and Evaluation: Experiences from International Development.” Policy Research Working Paper 5245, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Bardasi, Elena, Kathleen G. Beegle, Andrew Dillon, and Pieter Serneels. 2010. “Do Labor Statistics Depend on How and to Whom the Questions Are Asked? Results from a Survey Experiment in Tanzania.” Policy Research Working Paper 5192, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Beegle, Kathleen G., Joachim De Weerdt, Jed Friedman, and John Gibson. 2010. “Methods of Household Consumption Measurement through Surveys: Experimental Results from Tanzania.” Policy Research Working Paper 5501, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Cuong, Nguyen Viet, Tran Ngoc Truong, and Roy van der Weide. 2010. “Poverty and Inequality Maps for Rural Vietnam: An Application of Small Area Estimation.” Policy Research Working Paper 5443, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Dillon, Andrew, Elena Bardasi, Kathleen G. Beegle, and Pieter Serneels. 2010. “Explaining Variation in Child Labor Statistics.” Policy Research Working Paper 5414, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Ferré, Céline, Francisco H.G. Ferreira, and Peter Lanjouw. 2010. “Is There A Metropolitan Bias? The Inverse Relationship between Poverty and City Size in Selected Developing Countries.” Policy Research Working Paper 5508, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Ferreira, Francisco H. G., Jérémie Gignoux, and Meltem Aran. 2020. “Measuring Inequality of Opportunity with Imperfect Data: The Case of Turkey.” Policy Research Working Paper 5204, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Ivaschenko, Oleksiy, and Peter Lanjouw. 2010. “A New Approach to Producing Geographic Profiles of HIV Prevalence: An Application to Malawi.” World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5207, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Lanjouw, Peter, and Vijayendra Rao. 2010. “Revisiting between-group Inequality Measurement: An Application to the Dynamics of Caste Inequality in Two Indian Villages.” Policy Research Working Paper 5337, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Montenegro, Claudio E., Mariana Pereira and Isidro Soloaga. 2010. “El Efecto de China en el Comercio Internacional de America Latina.” Universidad de Chile, Facultad de Economía y Negocios, Documento de Trabajo 324.

Pritchett, Lant, Michael Woolcock, and Matthew Andrews. 2010. “Capability Traps? The Mechanisms of Persistent Implementation Failure.” Center for Global Development Working Paper 234, Washington, DC.

Schneider, Friedrich, Andreas Buehn, and Claudio E. Montenegro. 2010. “Shadow Economies All over the World: New Estimates for 162 Countries from 1999 to 2007.” Policy Research Working Paper 5356, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Thomas, Timothy, Luc Christiaensen, Quy-Toan Do, and Le Dang Trung. 2010. “Natural Disasters and Household Welfare–Evidence from Vietnam.” Policy Research Working Paper 5491, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Woolcock, Michael, Simon Szreter, and Vijayendra Rao. 2010. “How and Why Does History Matter for Development Policy?” Policy Research Working Paper 5425, World Bank, Washington, DC. 



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