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Environment and Energy: 2010 Publications

Journal Articles
Book Chapters
Working Papers


Journal Articles

Bhattacharyya, Subhes, and Govinda R. Timilsina. 2010. “A Review of Energy System Models.” International Journal of Energy Sector Management 4(4): 494–518.

Bhattacharyya, Subhes, and Govinda R. Timilsina. 2010. “Modeling Energy Demand of Developing Countries: Are the Specific Features Adequately Captured?” Energy Policy 38(4): 1979–90.

Dinar, Ariel, Brian Blankespoor, S. Dinar, and P. Kulukurasuriya. 2010. “Does Precipitation and Runoff Variability affect Treaty Cooperation between States Sharing International Bilateral Rivers.” Ecological Economics 69(12): 2508–81.

Briand, Anne, Celine Nauges, Jon Strand and Muriel Travers. 2010. “The Impact of Tap Connection On Water Use: The Case of Household Water Consumption in Dakar, Senegal.” Environment and Development Economics 15(01):107–26.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Craig Meisner, and David Wheeler. 2010.Stockpiles of Obsolete Pesticides and Cleanup Priorities: A Methodology and Application for Tunisia.” Journal of Environmental Management 91(4): 824–30.

Timilisina, Govinda R., Christophe de Gouvello, Massamba Thioye, and Felix B. Dayo. 2010. “Clean Development Mechanism Potential and Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change.” Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 15(1): 93–111.

Timilisina, Govinda R., and Han B. Dulal. 2010. “Urban Road Transportation Externalities: Costs and Choice of Policy Instruments.” World Bank Research Observer 9(2): 1–30.

Kessides, Ioannis. 2010. “Nuclear Power: Understanding the Economic Risks and Uncertainties.” Energy Policy 38(8): 3849–64.

Kessides, Ioannis, Roger G. Noll, and Nancy C. Benjamin. 2010. “Regionalizing Infrastructure Reform in Developing Countries” World Economics 11(7): 79–108.

Kessides, Ioannis, and Li Tang. 2010. “Sunk Costs, Market Contestability, and the Size Distribution of Firms.” Review of Industrial Organization 37(3): 215–36.

Wang, Hua, Jian Xie, and Honglin Li. 2010.Water Pricing With Household Surveys: A Study of Acceptability and Willingness to Pay in Chongqing, China.” China Economic Review 21(1): 136–49.

Parry, I.W.H., and Govinda R. Timilsina. 2010. “How Should Passenger Travel in Mexico City Be Priced?” Journal of Urban Economics 68(2): 167–82.

Seretis, Apostolos, Govinda R. Timilsina, and Olexandr Vasetsky. 2010. “Interfuel Substitution in the United States.” Energy Economics 32(3): 737–45.

Seretis, Apostolos, Govinda R. Timilsina and Olexandr Vasetsky. 2010. “International Evidence on Sectoral Interfuel Substitution.” The Energy Journal 31(4): 1–29. 

Strand, Jon. 2010. “Optimal Fossil-Fuel Taxation with Backstop Technologies and Tenure Risk.” Energy Economics 32(2): 418–22.

Strand, Jon. 2010. “Decentralized and Cooperative Aid Provision with Short-Term and Long-Term Aid.” Journal of International Development 22(7): 906–19.








Book Chapters

Fay, Marianne, and Michael Toman with Daniel Benitez and Stefan Csordas. 2010. “Infrastructure and Sustainable Development.” In Postcrisis Growth and Development,” ed. Shahrokh Fardoust, Yongbeom Kim and Claudia Sepulveda. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Sarraf, Maria, Susmita Dasgupta, Roy Subhendu, Belle Arati, and Rohtagi Poonam. 2010. “Vulnerability of Kolkata Metropolitan Area to Increased Precipitation in a Changing Climate.” Annex in Climate Risks and Adaptation in Asian Coastal Megacities: A Synthesis Report. Report 57110. Washington, DC: World Bank.






Environmental and Resource Economics Seminars
The Environment and Energy Team of the World Bank’s Development Research group organizes monthly seminars for the presentation and discussion of new work by Bank staff and other researchers. Visiting economists welcome.
Contact: Hua Wang and Jon Strand,
Seminars & Papers






Sea Level Rise - Updates
Data used to assess the consequences of continued Sea Level Rise for 84 coastal developing countries. Geographic Information System (GIS) software used to overlay the best available, spatially-disaggregated global data on critical impact elements (land, population, agriculture, urban extent, wetlands, and GDP), with the inundation zones projected for 1-5m SLR.
Contact: Susmita Dasgupta,




Barrett, Scott, and Michael Toman. 2010. “Different Paths to a Global Climate Agreement.” World Bank Research Digest 4(3, Spring): 2.

Hamilton, Kirk. 2010. “Where is the Wealth of Nations?” Blog post on “Let’s Talk Development,” World Bank, Washington, DC, 26 October 2010.

Keen, Michael and Jon Strand. 2010. “Taxing (or not) International Aviation.Weekly Policy Commentary, Resources for the Future, Washington, DC, June.

Lall, Somik V., and Uwe Deichmann. 2010. “Density and Disasters: Economics of Urban Hazard Risk.” World Bank Research Digest 4(3, Spring): 6

Strand, Jon. 2010. “Klimakur 2020.” Samfunnsøkonomen NR 3, Oslo, Norway. March (In Norwegian). 


Working Papers

 For more policy research working papers from the World Bank's institutional archives, search here using author’s last name, title or working paper number (“wpsxxxx”).

Carriquiry, Miguel A., Xiaodong Du, and Govinda R Timilsina. 2010. “Second-Generation Biofuels: Economics and Policies.” Policy Research Working Paper 5406, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Mainul Huq, Zahirul Huq Khan, Manjur Murshed Zahid Ahmed, Nandan Mukherjee, Malik Fida Khan, and Kiran Pandey. 2010. “Vulnerability of Bangladesh to Cyclones in a Changing Climate: Potential Damages and Adaptation Cost.” Policy Research Working Paper 5280, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Brian Blankespoor, Benoit Laplalnte, and David Wheeler. 2010. “Adaptation to Climate Extremes in Developing Countries: The Role of Education.” Policy Research Working Paper 5342, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Mainul Huq, Zahirul Huq Khan, Md. Sohel Masud, Manjur Murshed Zahid Ahmed, Nandan Mukherjee, and Kiran D. Pandey. 2010. “Climate Proofing Infrastructure in Bangladesh: The Incremental Cost of Limiting Future Inland Monsoon Flood Damage.” Policy Research Working Paper 5469, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Deichmann, Uwe, Craig Meisner, Siobhan Murray, and David Wheeler. 2010. “The Economics of Renewable Energy Expansion in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa.” Policy Research Working Paper 5193, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Dinar, Ariel, Brian Blankespoor, Shlomi Dinar, and Pradeep Kulukurasuriya. 2010. “The Impact of Water Supply Variability on Treaty Cooperation between International Bilateral River Basin Riparian States.” Policy Research Working Paper 5307, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Ferreira, Susana, and Kirk E. Hamilton. 2010. “Comprehensive Wealth, Intangible Capital, and Development.” Policy Research Working Paper 5452, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Jin, Yanhong, Hua Wang, and David Wheeler. 2010. “The Impact of Environmental Performance Rating and Disclosure: An Empirical Analysis of Perceptions by Polluting Firms’ Managers in China.” Policy Research Working Paper 5419, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Jin, Yanhong, Hua Wang, and David Wheeler. 2010. “Environmental Performance Rating and Disclosure: An Empirical Investigation of China’s Green Watch Program.” Policy Research Working Paper 5420, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Kessides, Ioannis and David C. Wade. 2010. “Towards a Sustainable Global Energy Supply Infrastructure: Net Energy Balance and Density Considerations.” European University Institute. RSCAS Working Paper 2010/72, European University Institute, San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy.

Lagnaoui, Abdelaziz, Susmita Dasgupta, Craig Meisner and Brian Blankespoor. 2010. “Reducing the Human and Environmental Risks of Obsolete Pesticides: A GIS-based Tool for Priority-Setting.” World Bank Report 56597, Washington, DC: World Bank.

Lange, Glenn-Marie, Susmita Dasgupta, Timothy Thomas, Siobhan Murray, Brian Blankespoor, Klas Sander, and Timothy Essam. 2010. “Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change — Ecosystem Services.” Discussion Paper No. 7, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Roberts, Mark, and Uwe Deichmann. 2009. “International Growth Spillovers, Geography and Infrastructure.” Policy Research Working 5153, World Bank, Washington, DC. 

Roberts, Mark, Uwe Deichmann, Bernard Fingleton, and Tuo Shi. 2010. “On the Road to Prosperity? The Economic Geography of China’s National Expressway Network.” Policy Research Working Paper 5479, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Strand, Jon. 2010. “Inertia in Infrastructure Development: Some Analytical Aspects, and Reasons for Inefficient Infrastructure Choices.” Policy Research Working Paper 5295, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Strand, Jon. 2010. “Carbon Offsets with Endogenous Environmental Policy.” Policy Research Working Paper 5296, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Strand, Jon. 2010. “Taxes and Caps as Climate Policy Instruments with Domestic and Imported Fuels.” Policy Research Working Paper 5171, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Strand, Jon. 2010. “Taxes Versus Cap-and-Trade in Climate Policy when only Some Fuel Importers Abate.” CESIFO Working Paper 3233. CESifo, Munich, Germany, October.

Strand, Jon. 2010. “The Full Economic Cost of Groundwater Extraction.” Policy Research Working Paper 5494, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Strand, Jon, and Michael Toman. 2010.”Green Stimulus, Economic Recovery and Long-Term Sustainable Development.” Policy Research Working Paper 5163, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Strand, Jon, and Sebastian Miller. 2010. “Climate Cost Uncertainty, Retrofit Cost Uncertainty, and Infrastructure Closedown: A Framework for Analysis.” Policy Research Working Paper 5209, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Timilsina, Govinda R., and Jay Cheng. 2010. “Advanced Biofuel Technologies: Status and Barriers.” Policy Research Working Paper 5411, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Timilsina, Govinda R., and Ashish Shrestha. 2010. “Biofuels: Markets, Targets and Impacts.” Policy Research Working Paper 5364, World Bank, Washington, DC. 

Timilsina, Govinda R., John C. Beghin, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, and Simon Mevel. 2010. “The Impacts of Biofuel Targets on Land-Use Change and Food Supply: A Global CGE Assessment.” Policy Research Working Paper 5513, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Toman, Michael A., and Scott Barrett. 2010. “Contrasting Future Paths for an Evolving Global Climate Regime.” Policy Research Working Paper 5164, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Wang, Hua, and Jie He. 2010. “The Value of Statistical Life: A Contingent Investigation in China.” Policy Research Working Paper 5421, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Wang, Hua, Ke Fang, and Yuyan Shi. 2010. “Economic Valuation of Development Projects: A Case Study of a Non-Motorized Transport Project in India.” Policy Research Working Paper 5422, World Bank, Washington, DC. 


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