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Rainfall data from 172 weather stations in Vietnam, Version 1.0

Authors:Quy-Toan Do  and Luc Christiaensen
Non-Bank Author:Le Dang Trung, U. of Copenhagen; Timothy Thomas
Topics:Agriculture & Rural Development and Environment
Report Number:wps5491

"Natural Disasters and Household Welfare: Evidence from Vietnam", T. Thomas, L. Christiaensen, Q. Do, and L. Trung, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 5491, December 2010.

The rainfall data are obtained from Vietnam's HydroMeteorological Data Center (, and cover daily observations from 172 weather stations. Most of them were actively operated through out the period 1975-2006. The list of weather stations with GIS coordinates is also provided.

The data are provided in MS Excel files. Each file contains data from one weather station.

Please note:

  1. Blank cells in years for which the weather stations were active mean absolute no rainfall.
  2. Cells with 0.0 (mm of rainfall) mean that there was some rainfall but it was too little to measure.
  3. In years the weather stations were not active or for some reasons the data were not collected, the cells are marked by an X or a note showing that data in those years were not collected.

We are revising the data so that errors will be eliminated and the data are better organized. Version 2 is expected to come out by April 15th, 2011.

For any inqueries in regards to the use of data, please contact us at: Quy-Toan Do (The World Bank, or Le Dang Trung (Univesity of Copenhagen,

Access to Dataset
  • Data for each weather station (compressed MS Excel files, 9.7mb)

  • Identifiers for each Vietnam weather station (incl. GPS coordinates) (MS Excel file, 38kb)

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