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Partial Credit Guarantee Funds Around the World

Authors:Leora Klapper , Thorsten Beck  and Juan Carlos Mendoza
Web Address:Finance and Private Sector Development Research
Topics:Financial Sector
Report Number:wps4771

Klapper, Leora, Thorsten Beck and Juan Carlos Mendoza, "The Typology of Partial Credit Guarantee Funds Around the World", World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Number 4771, November 2008.

This working paper presents data on 76 partial credit guarantee schemes across 46 developed and developing countries.  While this database is an important first step to better understand the typology of credit guarantee schemes around the world, there are also clear limitations. Using crosscountry
data such as the ones presented here do not allow to properly assess the effect of different characteristics of partial credit guarantee schemes on banks’ risk-taking decisions and on the effect that credit guarantee schemes have on access to credit, entrepreneurship and job creation. Such assessments would require loan-level data, 24 preferably over a longer time-period and changes in specific characteristics of guarantee schemes.

Information about the variables is contained in the annexes of the working paper, to which there is a link above.


Access to Dataset
  • Dataset of partial credit guarantee schemes (MS Excel file, 72kb)

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