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World Bank Group Enterpreneurship Snapshot 2010: dataset

Authors:Leora Klapper  and Inessa Love
Topics:Financial Sector and Private Sector
Report Number:WPS5444, wps4937

The 2010 World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Snapshots (WBGES) continue to illustrate the importance of entrepreneurship for the dynamism of the modern economy. This joint effort by the World Bank Development Research Group, the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Kauffman Foundation is the most comprehensive dataset on cross-country firm entry data available today.

Access to Dataset
  • Business Registration Data (SPSS sav file, 27kb)

  • Business Registration Data (MS Excel file, 34kb)

  • Sources (MS Excel file, 15kb)

  • Methodology (pdf file, 82kb)

  • Survey (pdf file, 37kb)

  • Map of Survey Locations (gif file, 89kb)

  • Business Registration Data (Stata dta file, 21kb)

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