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Research Roundup - October 2010

Focus on limiting greenhouse gas emissions 

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Different paths to a global climate agreement
A sector-focused approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions shows promise.
Working paper, January 2010

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Renewable energy expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa
Expanding decentralized renewable electricity will benefit rural households, but limiting overall emissions growth means de-carbonizing centralized power generation as well.
Working paper, January 2010

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Will the clean development mechanism mobilize anticipated levels of mitigation?
Mitigation projects entering the clean development mechanism are on track to generate more offsets than earlier predictions.
Working paper, March 2010

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Taxes and caps as climate policy instruments with domestic and imported fuels
Climate negotiations focus on limiting the amount of greenhouse gas, but coordinating fossil fuel taxes may be more beneficial—especially if energy exporters have market power.
 Working paper, January 2010

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The effects of domestic climate change measures on international competitiveness
While carbon taxes do not seem to affect the performance of energy intensive industry due to generous government subsidies, evidence suggests climate change measures tend to reduce the competitiveness of other industries.
Working paper, May 2010

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