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Research Roundup - September 2010

Focus on the economic cost of natural disasters

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Natural disasters and growth - going beyond the averages
The effect of natural disasters on economic growth varies by sector and by disaster.  For instance, droughts can have large negative impacts, especially on agriculture, while floods can have positive growth effects, even beyond agriculture.
Working paper, June 2009

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The wrath of God - macroeconomic costs of natural disasters
Per capita declines of 0.6 percent, on average, are possible from climate change-related disasters.  Declines may be even higher in small states and low-income countries vulnerable to drought and windstorms.
Working paper, Sept. 2009

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Density and disasters - economics of urban hazard risk
A risk mangement framework applied to different types and sizes of cities in a country's urban system shows that good hazard management is also good general urban management.
Working paper, Dec. 2009

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Earthquake propensity and the politics of mortality prevention
Younger democracies, autocracies with less institutionalized ruling parties, and countries with corrupt regimes, are less likely to invest in mitigating earthquake mortality when they confront elevated quake propensities.
Working paper, Jan. 2010

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Enterprise recovery following natural disasters
Business recovery in Sri Lanka after the December 2004 tsunami was slower than commonly assumed, with disaster-affected enterprises lagging behind unaffected comparable firms more than three years later.
Working paper, Apr. 2010

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