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Research Roundup - May 2010

Focus on Africa
thumb mobile phoneThe impact of mobile money transfers in Kenya
M-PESA, a mobile phone-based system for person-to-person payments and money transfers has attracted over 9.5 million customers, or 40% of the adult population. How does it work, and why did it take off in Kenya?
Research brief, May 2010
thumb iris

Using biometric technology in rural credit markets: The case of Malawi
Biometric technology presents an exciting and innovative opportunity for increased access to financial markets and better public service delivery.
Impact Note, May 2010

thumb africa faceRemitting patterns of African migrants in the OECD
Recorded remittances to Africa have grown dramatically over the past decade.
Working Paper, Apr. 2010
thumb AIDS ribbonEvaluating the impact of conditional cash transfers in Burkina Faso 
Designing and evaluating an alternative cash transfer program in Burkina Faso to support communities made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.
Research Brief, Mar. 2010
thumb africa girl

In Malawi, money in girls’ hands boosts school enrollment
Cash stipends to girls and parents, averaging $10 per month, reduces drop-out rates by 40 percent. Sexual activity and early marriage rates among girls receiving payments also decline.
Featured Article, Jan. 2010


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