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Research Roundup - April 2010

Focus on research in 2009, financial crisis, real incomes, agricultural price distortions
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Research Highlights 2009
Showcases selected work published in 2009 by the Development Research Group.The supporting website offers a complete list of publications, including online datasets.

data_thumbHow the Financial Crisis in Donor Countries Affect Aid
If aid flows follow historical patterns, the global financial crisis could reduce aid significantly over the medium term.
Research Digest, Spring 2010
currency_thumbWhat Does the Financial Crisis Teach Us about Different Banking Models?
Banking strategies that rely mostly on non-interest income or non-deposit funding appear to be very risky.
Research Digest, Spring 2010

Why Have Developing-Country Data on Real Incomes Been Revised So Much?
A new method for updating PPPs between survey rounds could greatly reduce the need for large data revisions in the future.
Research Digest, Spring 2010


Agricultural Price Distortions, Inequality, and Poverty
New book examines scope for reducing poverty and inequality by unilaterally or globally eliminating the distortions in the incentives affecting producers and consumers of tradable agricultural goods.


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