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Research Roundup - July 2010

Focus on Middle East and North Africa

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Incentives to cooperate on bilateral water treaties largely depend on variability of water supply
Data on water supply, the economy, and international relations show how to increase treaty-based cooperation among countries sharing the same river basins.
Working paper, May 2010

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Economic gains from regionalizing telecommunications infrastructure in West Africa
Since many small and poor countries in West Africa lack policy and technical expertise, it may be practical to set up a regional authority to regulate telecommunications.
Working paper, Nov. 2009

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The Pan-Arab Free Trade Area 
Regional tariffs and customs barriers have been reduced, but weakness in transportation and logistics services still impedes trade between members.
Working paper, Aug. 2009

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Countries facing greatest risk from sea-level rise and storm surges
Countries with coastlines most vulnerable to sea-level rise and storm surges include Djibouti, El Salvador, Mozambique, Togo, and Yemen.
Working paper, Apr. 2009

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Reaching human development goals
Economic growth played only a modest role in boosting school enrollments in Morocco and Vietnam. Sectoral policies and socio-economic changes played a larger role.
Working paper, Sept. 2007

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