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WTO Disputes Database (DSUD): part of the Temporary Trade Barriers Database (TTBD)

Authors:Chad P. Bown

If you use the data made freely available on this website, please cite it as Bown, Chad P. (2014) "WTO Disbute Database", The World Bank, June, available at 

WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding (DSU)  Cases Relating to AD, SG, OR CVD

Excel Workbook File Name

Spreadsheet Names within Workbook

Available Years of Data


WTO Disputes by AD Measure,
WTO Disputes by CV Measure,
WTO Disputes by SG Measure,
WTO Disputes by CSG Measure,
AD Disputes by WTO dispute,
CVM Disputes by WTO dispute,
SG Disputes by WTO dispute,
CSG Disputes by WTO dispute


Last updated June 2014

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