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Research Highlights 2009: Outreach & Dissemination

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2009 Annual Research Highlights Report Cover
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The results of research are shared through formal publications, conferences, seminars, presentations, and online briefs and articles. These links will take you to the content described.

Highlights Reports
The annual highlights report describes current research themes, highlights influential work, and the supporting web site provides a comprehensive list of the Development Research Group's publications by calendar year.

Publications and Reports 
This page provides links to flagship publications such as World Development Reports, Policy Research Reports, as well as published journal articles, books, book chapters, edited volumes, Bank journals, and online featured articles and briefs. 

Research Programs
The 11 major research programs sites provide a 3-5 year window on recently completed and ongoing work with links to outputs in the Bank archives.

World Bank Research Digest
The World Bank Research Digest features recent and emerging cross-country, cross-sector, and thematic research from the World Bank, mostly by researchers in the Development Research Group. In 2008 articles by DECRG researchers covered a wide variety of development topics:

World Bank Research Feature Articles
A listing of short featured articles on current research, with links to detailed research outputs.

Research Briefs 
A listing of short summaries of emerging research, with links to detailed research outputs


World Bank Research Newsletter
Produced by the Development Research Group, Development Economics Vice Presidency, is sent via email to over 30,000 subscribers. It provides updates on World Bank events and publications related to development research. Numerous links lead readers to more detailed information, and allow downloads of publications, including recent policy research working papers. 
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Interest Bearing Notes Newsletter 
Produced by the Finance and Private Sector Development Research Team, reports on research by the team as well as non-World Bank research, conferences, related websites, new datasets, and other research and policy-oriented news.
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Trade Research Newsletter
Produced by the Trade Research Team, reports on research activities in progress, trade working papers, other Bank trade publications, trade newsletters and links to other trade-related websites.
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Trade Watch Notes
Trade Watch is a new monthly trade note (since March 2009) on international trade flows from a global perspective. The notes contains up-to-date trade data from an array of sources along with an analysis from trade specialists in the Development Research Group. Issues covered include import and export growth at national, regional, and industry levels; exchange rate fluctuations; and quantity and price decomposition of trade. 
Contact: Caroline Freund and Matias David Horenstein, Email:
Watch Notes 


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