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2008 Journal Articles

   Journal articles by World Bank Development Research Group staff. Please note that articles are often available only to journal subscribers. 

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    2008 Journal Articles






Abe, Kazutomo, and John S. Wilson.  

Trade, Transparency, and Welfare in the Asia PacificJournal of International Economic Studies 12(2): 35–78.  
2008Adam, Christopher, Paul Collier, and Victor DaviesPostconflict Monetary ReconstructionWorld Bank Economic Review 22(1):87-112.
2008Almeida, Rita, and Ana Margarida FernandesOpenness and Technological Innovations in Developing Countries: Evidence from Firm-Level SurveysJournal of Development Studies 44(5): 701-27.

Anderson, Kym, and Ernesto Valenzuela 

Agricultural Subsidy Cuts, New Biotechnologies, and Developing Countries: the Case of Cotton 

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs 9(1): 7-15. 

2008Anderson, Kym, and Ernesto ValenzuelaRecent and Prospective Adoption of Genetically Modified Cotton: A Global CGE Analysis of Economic ImpactsEconomic Development and Cultural Change 56(2): 265-96.

Anderson, Kym, K. Kurzweil, William J. Martin, D. Sandri, and E. Valenzuela

Measuring Distortions to Agricultural Incentives, Revisited.  World Trade Review (7): 675-704.

Ayyagari, Meghana, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Vojislav Maksimovic

How Important Are Financing Constraints? The Role of Finance in the Business EnvironmentThe World Bank Economic Review 22(3): 483-516.  

Ayyagari, Meghana, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Vojislav Maksimovic 

How Well Do Institutional Theories Explain Firms' Perception of Property Rights?Review of Financial Studies 21(4): 1833-71.

Azzarri, Carlo, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, and Alberto Zezza

Migration and Labour Choice in Albania  South-Eastern Europe Journal of Economics 6(2): 169–96. 

Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Maria Soledad Martinez Peria

Banking Services for Everyone? Barriers to Bank Access and Use around the WorldWorld Bank Economic Review 22(3):383-96.

Beck, Thorsten, and Heiko Hesse

Why Are Interest Spreads So High in Uganda? Journal of Development Economics 88(2): 192-204.

Beck, Thorsten, and Asli Demirguc-Kunt

Access to Finance: An Unfinished Agenda  World Bank Economic Review 22(3): 383-96. 

Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Vojislav Maksimovic

Financing Patterns around the World: Are Small Firms Different?Journal of Financial Economics 89(3): 467-87.

Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Luc Laeven, and Ross Levine 

Finance, Firm Size, and Growth Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 40(7): 1379-1405. 

Beegle, Kathleen G., and Sofya Krutikova 

Adult Mortality and Children’s Transition into Marriage Demographic Research 19(42): 1551-74.
2008Beegle, Kathleen G.Adult Mortality and Economic Growth in the Age of HIV/AIDSEconomic Development and Cultural Change 56(2): 299-326
2008Beegle, Kathleen G. and Joachim De WeerdtMethodological Issues in the Study of the Socioeconomic  Consequences of HIV/AIDSAids 22(1): 89-94. 

Beegle, Kathleen G., Joachim De Weerdt, and Stefan Dercon   

The Intergeneration Impact of the African Orphan Crisis: A Cohort Study from an HIV/AIDS Affected Area International Journal Of Epidemiology 37(5): 1-8. 
2008Berger, Allen, Leora Klapper, Maria Soledad Martinez Peria, and Rida ZaidiBank Ownership Type and Banking RelationshipsJournal of Financial Intermediation 17(1): 37-62.
2008 Chen, Dan, Maggie Xiaoyang, and Aaditya Mattoo Regionalism in Standards: Good or Bad for Trade?Canadian Journal of Economics 41(3): 838-63.  

Chen, Maggie Xiaoyang, John S. Wilson, and Tsunehiro Otsuki 

Standards and Export Decisions: Firm-level Evidence from Developing CountriesJournal of International Trade & Economic Development 17(4): 501–23.  

Claessens, Stijn, Eric Feijen, and Luc Laeven

Political Connections and Preferential Access to Finance: The Role of Campaign Contributions

Journal of Financial Economics 88(3): 554-80.


Cropper, Maureen L., Akie Takeuchi, and Antonio Bento

The Welfare Effects of Slum Improvement Programs: The Case of MumbaiJournal of Urban Economics  64(1): 65–84. 

Cropper, Maureen L., and Elizabeth Kopits

Why Have Traffic Fatalities Declined in Industrialized Countries? Implications for Pedestrians and Vehicle OccupantsJournal of Transport Economics and Policy 42(1):129 54.   
2008 Cull, Robert J., and Laurie Effron  World Bank Lending and Financial Sector Development World Bank Economic Review 22(2): 315-43.  
2008Dang, Hai-Anh H., and F. Halsey Rogers The Growing Phenomenon of Private Tutoring: Does It Deepen Human Capital, Widen Inequalities, or Waste Resources?World Bank Research Observer 23(2): 161-200.
2008Das, Jishnu  Low Income, Social Growth and Good Health: A History of Twelve Countries (book review)New England Journal of Medicine 358(26): 2851-51.
2008Das, Jishnu, Quy-Toan Do, and Jed FriedmanResponse to Comment on "Mental Health and Poverty in Developing Countries: Revisiting the RelationshipSocial Science & Medicine 66(9): 2064-66.

Das, Jishnu, Quy-Toan Do, Jed Friedman, David McKenzie, and Kinnon Scott

Revisiting the Relationship between Mental Health and Poverty in Developing Countries: A Response to CorrigallSocial Science and Medicine 66(9): 2064–66.   
2008Das, Jishnu, Quy-Toan Do, Jed Friedman, and David McKenzieThe Quality of Medical Advice in Low-Income Countries Journal of Economic Perspectives 22(2): 93-114. 
2008 Das Gupta, MonicaCan Biological Factors like Hepatitis B explain the bulk of gender imbalance in China?: a review of the evidence  World Bank Research Observer 12(2,Fall):201-17.  
2008Dasgupta, Susmita, Kirk E. Hamilton, Stefano P. Pagiola, and David WheelerEnvironmental Economics at the World BankReview of Environmental Economics and Policy 2(1): 4-25.
2008Dasgupta, Susmita, Nlandu Mamingi, Benoit Laplante, and Jong Ho Hong Firms’ Environmental Performance: Does News Matter?Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 9(2): 67-77.
2008 Deichmann, Uwe, Somik V. Lall, Stephen J. Redding, and Anthony J. Venables 

Industrial location in developing countries

World Bank Research Observer 23(2): 219-46. 

Deininger, Klaus W., and D. Ayalew

Do Overlapping Land Rights Constrain Agricultural Investment? Evidence from UgandaAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(4): 869–84.  
2008Deininger, Klaus W., and Songqing JinLand Sales and Rental Markets in Transition: Evidence from Rural VietnamOxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 70(1): 67-101.

Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, and T. Alemu 

Assessing the Functioning of Land Rental Markets in Ethiopia Economic Development and Cultural Change 57(1): 67–101. 

Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, and T. Yamano 

Legal Knowledge and Economic Development: The Case of Land Rights in UgandaLand Economics 84(4): 593–619.  
2008 Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, S. Holden, and J. Zevenbergen Rural Land Certification in Ethiopia: Process, Initial Impact, and Implications for Other African Countries World Development 36(10): 1786–1812.   

Deininger, Klaus W., S. Jin, and H. K. Nagarajan 

Equity and Efficiency Impacts of Rural Land Rental Restrictions: Evidence from IndiaEuropean Economic Review 52(5): 892–918.  

Demirguc-Kunt, Asli, Edward Kane, and Luc Laeven

Determinants of Deposit Insurance: Adoption and DesignJournal of Financial Intermediation 17(3): 407-38.
2008 Demirguc-Kunt, Asli, Enrica Detragiache, and Thierry Tressel

Banking on the Principles: Compliance with Basel Core Principles and Bank Soundness

Journal of Financial Intermediation 17(4): 511-42. 

De Mel, Suresh, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff 

Mental Health Recovery and Economic Recovery after the Tsunami: High-Frequency Longitudinal Evidence from Sri LankaSocial Science and Medicine 66(3): 582–95.  

De Mel, Suresh, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff 

Returns to Capital in MicroenterprisesQuarterly Journal of Economics 123(4): 1329–72.  
2008 de Walque, Damien  Do unsafe tetanus toxoid injections play a significant role in the transmission of HIV/AIDS? Evidence from seven African countries Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) 84: 122-125.
2008de Walque, DamienReview of the Demography of Armed Conflict, 2006, Edited by Helge Brunborg, Ewa Tabeau and Henrik UrdalPopulation Studies 62(1): 122-123.
2008Do, Quy-Toan, and Lakshmi Iyer Land Titling and Vietnam Rural TransitionEconomic Development and Cultural Change 56(3): 531-79.
2008Dong, Xiao-Yuan, and L. Colin XuThe Impact of China's Millennium Labor Restructuring Program on Firm Performance and Employee EarningsEconomics of Transition 16(2): 223-45.
2008Eggleston, K., Ling Li, Q. Meng, M. Lindelow, and A. Wagstaff

Health service delivery in China: A Literature Review

Health Economics 17(2): 149-65.
2008Elbadawi, Ibrahim Ahmed, Linda Kaltani, and Klaus Schmidt-HebbelForeign Aid, the Real Exchange Rate, and Growth in the Aftermath of Civil WarsWorld Bank Economic Review 22(1): 113-40.
2008Elbadawi, Ibrahim Ahmed, Tilahun Temesgen, and Albert G. ZeufackEconomic Geography and Manufacturing Productivity in Africa: An Analysis of Firm DataJournal of Developing Areas 42(2): 223-52.
2008 Elbers, Chris, Peter F. Lanjouw, Johan A. Mistiaen, and Berk Ozler

Reinterpreting Between-Group Inequality

Journal of Economic Inequality 6(3): 231-245. 

Fafchamps, Marcel, and Forhad J. Shilpi

Subjective Welfare, Isolation, and Relative ConsumptionJournal of Development Economics 86(1,April): 43–60.  

Fernandes, Ana Margarida, and the International Study Group on Exports and Productivity

Exports and Productivity – Comparable Evidence for 14 CountriesWeltwirtschaftliches Archiv 144(4): 596–635.
2008Fernandes, Ana MargaridaFirm Productivity in Bangladesh Manufacturing IndustriesWorld Development 36(10):1725-44.
2008 Fernandes, Ana Margarida, and Pablo Fajnzylber International Economic Activities and the Demand for Skilled Labor: Evidence from Brazil and China 

Applied Economics 40(1): 1-15.


Ferreira, Francisco H. G., and Branko L. Milanovic 

Introduction to a Special Issue on Inequality, Politics and PowerJournal of Economic Inequality 7(1): 1–2.  

Ferreira, Francisco H. G., Francois J. Bourguignon, and Phillippe George Leite 

Beyond Oaxaca-Blinder: Accounting for Differences in Household Income DistributionsJournal of Economic Inequality 6(2): 117–148.  
2008Ferreira, Francisco H., M. Caridad Araujo, Peter F. Lanjouw and Berk Ozler Local Inequality and Project Choice: Theory and Evidence from EcuadorJournal of Public Economics 92(5): 1022-46. 
2008 Ferreira, Francisco H. G., Phillippe G. Leite, and Julie A. Litchfield 

The Rise and Fall of Brazilian Inequality: 1981-2004

Macroeconomic Dynamics 12(2): 199-230. 
2008 Ferreira, Francisco H. G., M. Caridad Araujo, Peter F. Lanjouw, and Berk Ozler

Local Inequality and Project Choice

Journal of Public Economics 6(3): 231-45. 
2008Filmer, Deon P.Disability, Poverty, and Schooling in Developing Countries: Results from 14 Household SurveysWorld Bank Economic Review 22(1): 141-63.
2008Filmer, Deon P., and Norbert SchadyGetting girls into school: Evidence from a scholarship program in CambodiaEconomic Development and Cultural Change 56(3):581-617.

Finger, Michael, J. 

Developing Countries in the WTO System: Applying Robert Hudec's Analysis to the Doha RoundWorld Economy 31(7): 887-904.  

Frankenberg, Elizabeth,Jed Friedman, Thomas Gillespie, Nicholas Ingwersen, Robert Pynoos, Iip Umar Rifai, Bondan Sikoki, Alan Steinberg, Cecep Sumantri, Wayan Suriastini, and Duncan Thomas

Mental Health in Sumatra after the TsunamiAmerican Journal of Public Health 98(9): 1671–1677.   

Freund, Caroline, and Nicola Spatafora

Remittances Transactions Costs and InformalityJournal of Development Economics 86(2): 356-66.

Freund, Caroline, and Bineswaree Bolaky

Trade, Regulations, and IncomeJournal of Development Economics 82(2): 309-21.
2008Freund, Caroline, and Matthias BerthelonOn the Conservation of Distance in International TradeJournal of International Economics 75(2): 310-20.

Freund, Caroline, and Çağlar Özden 

Trade Policy and Loss AversionAmerican Economic Review 98(4): 167591.  

Freund, Caroline, Estevedordael Antoni, and Emanuel Ornelas 

Does Regionalism Promote External Trade Liberalization Toward Nonmembers?Quarterly Journal of Economics 123(4): 1531–75.  
2008Friedman, JedBattling HIV Infection in AfghanistanThe Lancet 370(9605): 2167-69.

Garcia Martinez, Pilar, David McKenzie, and L. Alan Winters 

Who Is Coming to Vanuatu from New Zealand under the New Recognized Seasonal Employer Program?Pacific Economic Bulletin 23(3): 205–28.  

Gibson, John, David McKenzie, and Halahingano Rohorua  

How Pro-Poor Is the Selection of Seasonal Migrant Workers from Tonga under New Zealand’s Recognized Seasonal Employer Program?Pacific Economic Bulletin 23(3): 187–204. 

Gibson, Christopher, and Michael Woolcock

Empowerment, Deliberative Development and Local Level Politics in Indonesia: Participatory Projects as a Source of Countervailing Power Studies

Studies in Comparative International Development 43(2): 151-80.


Gine, Xavier, Robert Townsend, and James Vickery 

Patterns of Rainfall Insurance Participation in Rural IndiaThe World Bank Economic Review 22(3): 539–66. 

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2008 Glewwe, Paul, and Hai-Anh Dang 

The Impact of Decentralized Data Entry on the Quality of Household Survey Data in Developing Countries: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Vietnam.

World Bank Economic Review 22(1): 165-85. 
2008 Goldstein, Markus, and Christopher Udry  

The Profits of Power: Land Rights and Agricultural Investment in Ghana

Journal of Political Economy 116(6): 981-1022. 
2008Gonzalez U. and Roberto Valasco Evaluation of the impact of climatic change on the economic value of land in agricultural systems in ChileChilean Journal of Agricultural Research 68(1): 56-68.
2008 Gultiano, Socorro, and Elizabeth M. King  

A Better Start in Life: Evaluation Results from an Early Childhood Development Program  

Philippine Journal of Development 33(1): 101-28. 

Heckelman, Jac, and Stephen Knack 

Foreign Aid and Market-Liberalizing Policy ReformEconomica 75(299): 524-48.  
2008Hoekman, Bernard M., and Chad BownDeveloping Countries and Enforcement of Trade Agreements: Why Dispute Settlement Is Not EnoughJournal of World Trade 42(1): 177-203.

Hoekman, Bernard M., and Joel Trachtman 

Canada-Wheat: Discrimination, Non-Commercial Considerations, and the Right to Regulate through State Trading EnterprisesWorld Trade Review 7(1): 45–66.  

Hoekman, Bernard M., and Robert Howse 

European Community—Sugar: Cross-Subsidization and the World Trade OrganizationWorld Trade Review 7(1): 149–78.  

Hoekman, Bernard M. 

The General Agreement on Trade in Services: Doomed to Fail? Does it Matter? Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade 8: 295–318.  
2008Hoff, Karla, and Joseph E. StiglitzExiting a Lawless StateEconomic Journal 118(531): 1474-1497.
2008Hoff, Karla, Ernst Fehr, and Mayuresh KshetramadeSpite and Development American Economic Review  98(2): 494-499.

Jacoby, Hanan, and Ghazala Mansuri 

Land Tenancy and Non-Contractible Investment in Rural PakistanReview of Economic Studies 75(3): 763-88.  

Javorcik, Beata S.  

Can Survey Evidence Shed Light on Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment?World Bank Research Observer 23(2):139–59.  

Javorcik, Beata S. and Gaia Narciso 

Differentiated Products and Evasion of Import TariffsJournal of International Economics 76(2, December): 208–22.  

Javorcik, Beata S., and Mariana Spatareanu 

To Share or Not to Share: Does Local Participation Matter for Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment?Journal of Development Economics 85: 194–217.  

Javorcik, Beata S., and Mary Amiti 

Trade Costs and Location of Foreign Firms in ChinaJournal of Development Economics 85(1): 129–49.  

Javorcik, Beata S., Wolfgang Keller, and James Tybout 

Openness and Industrial Response in a Wal-Mart World: A Case Study of Mexican Soaps, Detergents and Surfactant ProducersThe World Economy 31(12): 1558–80.  

Kee, Hiau Looi, and Kala Krishna 

Firm Level Heterogeneous Productivity and Demand Shocks: Evidence from BangladeshAmerican Economic Review 98(2): 457–62.  

Kee, Hiau Looi, and Robert Feenstra 

Export Variety and Country Productivity: Estimating the Monopolistic Competition Model with Endogenous ProductivityJournal of International Economics 74(2): 500–18.  

Kee, Hiau Looi, Alessandro Nicita, and Marcelo Olarreaga

Import Demand Elasticities and Trade DistortionsReview of Economics and Statistics 90(4): 666-82.  
2008Kee, Hiau Looi, and Robert FeenstraExport Variety and Country Productivity: Estimating the Monopolistic Competition Model With endogenous productivityJournal of International Economics 74(2): 500-18.

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2008Keefer, Philip E.Insurgency and credible commitment in autocracies and democraciesWorld Bank Economic Review 22(1): 33-61.

Keefer, Philip E., and Razvan Vlaicu


Democracy, Credibility and Clientelism

Journal of Law, Economics and Organization 24(2): 371-406. 
2008Kraay, Aart C., and Daniel KaufmannGovernance Indicators: Where Are We and Where Should We Be Going?World Bank Research Observer 23(1): 1-36. 
 2008Lederman, Daniel, and William F. MaloneyIn Search of the Missing Resource CurseEconomia 9(1): 1-53.   
2008 Lederman, Daniel, Javier Cravino, and Marcelo OlarreagaSubstitution between Foreign Capital in China, India, the Rest of the World, and Latin America: Much Ado about Nothing?Journal of Economic Integration 23(4): 953-76.  
2008Lederman, Daniel, Marcelo Olarreaga, and Eliana RubianoTrade Specialization in Latin America: The Impact of China and IndiaReview of World Economics 144(2): 248-271.
2008 Lederman, Daniel, Javier Cravino, and Marcelo Olarreaga 

Substitution between Foreign Capital in China, India, the Rest of the World, and Latin America: Much Ado about Nothing?

Journal of Economic Integration 23(4): 953-76. 
2008 Lederman, Daniel, and William F. Maloney 

In Search of the Missing Resource Curse 

Economia  9(1): 1-53. 
2008Lewis, David, Dennis Rodgers, and Michael WoolcockThe Fiction of Development: Literary Representation as a Source of Authoritative KnowledgeJournal of Development Studies 44(2): 198-216.
2008 Linnemayr, Sebastian, Harold H. Alderman, and Abdoulaye Kane 

Determinants of Malnutrition in Senegal: Individual, Household, Community Variables, and Their Interaction 

Economics and Human Biology 6(2): 252-63. 

Loayza, Norman V., and Linda Kaltani 

Initial Conditions and the Outcome of Economic Reform

Economics Letters 101(3): 230-33.  
2008Loayza, Norman V.Preventing Violence: Long-Run Crime Prevention PoliciesHarvard Review of Latin America 1(1): 9-13.

Loayza, Norman V. 

El crecimiento económico en el PerúEconomia 31(61): 9-25.
2008Loayza, Norman V., Siyan Chen, and Marta Reynal-Querol  The Aftermath of Civil WarWorld Bank Economic Review 22(1): 63-85.

Loayza, Norman V.  

Cómo lograr que el Perú se beneficie de la apertura comercial?Apuntes 55(1): 5-41.
2008 Lokshin, Michael M.Does Poverty Research in Russia Follow the Scientific Method?Economic Matters 6: 44-60. (in Russian) 
2008Lokshin, Michael M., and Ruslan G. Yemtsov.Who Bears the Cost of Russia Military Draft?Economics of Transition 16(3): 359-87.

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2008Lokshin, Michael M., and Zurab SajaiaCreating Print-ready Tables in StataStata Journal 8(3): 37-49.
2008Martin, William J., and Kym AndersonAgricultural Trade Rreform under the Doha Agenda: Some Key IssuesAustralian Journal of Agricultural And Resource Economics 52(1): 1-6.
2008Martin, William J., E. Ianchovichina, and B. Dimaranan.Economic Development in Emerging Asian Markets: Implications for EuropeEuropean Review of Agricultural Economics 35(3): 303-30.
2008 Martin, William J., Kym Anderson, Sandri Damiano, Ernesto Valenzuela, and M. Kurzweil 

Measuring Distrortions to Agricultural Incentives 

World Trade Review 7(3): 765-704. 
2008 Martin, William J., and Maros Ivanic 

Implications of Higher Global food Prices for Poverty in Low-Income Countries 

Agricultural Economics 39(1): 405-16.
2008 Mattoo, Aaditya, Jens Arnold, and Gaia Narciso 

Services inputs and firm productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from firm-level data 

Journal of African Economies 17(4): 578-99. 
2008 Mattoo, Aaditya, Gnanaraj Chellaraj, and Keith Maskus 

The Contribution of Skilled Immigration and International Graduate Students to US Innovation

Review of International Economics 16(3): 444-62.  
2008 Mattoo, Aaditya, Ileana Cristina Constantinescu, and Caglar Ozden  Brain Waste? Educated Immigrants in the US Labor MarketJournal of Development Economics 87(2): 255-69.  
2008 Mattoo, Aaditya, and Arvind Subramanian  India and Bretton Woods IIEconomic and Political Weekly 43(45): 62-70.  
2008McKenzie, David, Suresh De Mel, and Chirstopher WoodruffMental Health Recovery and Economic Recovery after the Tsunami: High-Frequency Longitudinal Evidence from Sri LankaSocial Science and Medicine 66: 582-95.
2008McKenzie, DavidA Profile of the World's Young Developing Country MigrantsPopulation and Development Review 34(1): 115-35.
2008 McKenzie, David, John Gibson, and Halahingano Rohorua  How Pro-Poor Is the Selection of Seasonal Migrant Workers from Tonga under New Zealand’s Recognized Seasonal Employer Program? Pacific Economic Bulletin 23(3): 187-204. 
2008 McKenzie, David, and Christopher Woodruff Experimental Evidence on Returns to Capital and Access to Finance in MexicoWorld Bank Economic Review 22(3): 457-82.  
2008 Milanovic, Branko L., and Rafael Munoz De Bustillo 

La desigualidad de la distribucion de la renta en America Latina: Situacion, evolucion y factores explicativos

America Latina Hoy 48: 15-42.  
2008 Milanovic, Branko L. 

An even higher global inequality than previously thought: A note on global inequality calculations using the 2005 Intrernational Comparison Program results

International Journal of Health Services 38(3): 421-29. 
2008 Milanovic, Branko L Rules of redistribution and foreign aid: A proposal for a change in the rules governing eligibility for foreign aidInterventions 5(1): 197-214.  
2008 Milanovic, Branko L. Qat Expenditures in Yemen and Djibouti: An Empirical Analysis  Journal of African Economies 17(5): 661-87. 

Ng, Francis K. T., and M. Ataman Aksoy   

Food Price Increases and Net Food Importing Countries: Lessons from the Recent Past Agricultural Economics 39(1): 443-52. 
2008 Porto, Guido The Impact of Globalization on the World's Poor Journal of Economic Literature 1(2): 110-200. 
2008 Raddatz, Claudio E., and Matias Braun 

The Politics of Financial Development: Evidence from Trade Liberalization  

Journal of Finance 63(3): 1469-1508. 
2008 Rao, VijayendraTokenism or Agency? The Impact of Women's Reservations on Village Democracies in South IndiaEconomic Development and Cultural Change 56(1): 501-30.   

Ravallion, Martin  

A Global Perspective on Poverty in India   Economic and Political Weekly 43(43): 31-37. 
2008 Ravallion, MartinAre There Lessons for Africa from China's Success Against Poverty?World Development 37(2): 303-13.  
2008 Ravallion, MartinMiss-Targeted, or Miss-Measured?Economics Letters 100: 9-12.   
2008 Ravallion, Martin, and Dominique van de Walle Does Rising Landlessness Signal Success or Failure for Vietnam’s Agrarian Transition?Journal of Development Economics 87(2): 191-209.  
2008 Ravallion, Martin, and Shaohua ChenRevisiting the 'Dollar a Day' Poverty Measures in the Light of the 2005 ICPBulletin of the International Comparison Program, August.   
2008 Ravallion, Martin, and Michael LokshinTesting for an Economic Gradient in Health Status using Subjective Data.Health Economics 17(11): 1237-59.    
2008 Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob, George W. Norton, Jeffrey Alwang, Monayem Miah, and Gershon FederCost-Effectiveness of Alternative Integrated Pest management Extension Methods: An Example from Bangladesh Review Of Agricultural Economics 30(2): 252-269.  
2008Sambanis, NicholasShort- and Long-term Effects of United Nations Peace OperationsWorld Bank Economic Review 22(1):9-32.
2008Schady, Norbert, and M. Caridad AraujoCash transfers, conditions, and school enrollment in Ecuador Economía 8(2): 43-70.

Schiff, Maurice 

Migration's Income and Poverty Impact Has Been UnderestimatedReview of Economics of the Household 6: 267-84.  
2008Schmukler, Sergio, Eduardo Levy Yeyati, and Neeltje van HorenEmerging Market Liquidity and CrisesJournal of European Economic Association 6(3): 628-68.
2008Schmukler, Sergio, and Graciela KaminskyShort-Run Pain, Long-Run Gain: The Effects of Financial LiberalizationReview of Finance-Journal of the European Finance Association 12(2): 253-92.
2008 Schmukler, Sergio, Juan Carlos Gozzi, and Ross Levine  Internationalization and the Evolution of Corporate ValuationJournal of Financial Economics 88(3): 607-32.  
2008 Schmukler, Sergio, Tatiana Didier, and Paolo Mauro Vanishing Contagion?Journal of Policy Modeling 30(5): 775-91.   
2008Seo, Nigol, and Robert MendelsohnA Ricardian Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on South American FarmsChilean Journal of Agricultural Research 68(1): 69-79.
2008Serven, Luis, William Easterly, and Timothy IrwinWalking Up the Down Escalator: Public Investment and Fiscal StabilityWorld Bank Research Observer 23(1): 37-56.
2008Shilpi, Forhad J.Subjective Welfare, Isolation, and Relative ConsumptionJournal of Development Economics 86(1): 43-60.
2008 Shilpi, Forhad J. , and Dina Umali-DeiningerMarket Facilities and Agricultural Marketing: Evidence from Tamil Nadu, IndiaAgricultural Economics 39(3): 281-94.   
2008 Stampini Marco, Gero Carletto, and Benjamin DavisInternational Migration from Albania: The Role of Family Networks and Previous Experience Eastern European Economics 46 (2): 50-87.   
2008Tarr, David, and Oleksandr ShepotyloSpecific Tariffs, Tariff Simplification and the Structure of Import Tariffs in RussiaEastern European Economics 46(5): 49-58.
2008Tarr, David, and Jesper JensenImpact of Local Content Restrictions and Barriers Against Foreign Direct Investment in Services: the case of Kazakhstan Accession to the WTOEastern European Economics 46(5): 5-26.
2008Tarr, David, and Thomas RutherfordPoverty Effects of Russia's WTO Accession: modeling 'real households' with endogenous productivity effectsJournal of International Economics 75(1): 131-50.
2008Thirumurthy, Harsha, Joshua Zivin, and Markus GoldsteinThe Economic Impact of AIDS Treatment: Labor Supply in Western KenyaThe Journal of Human Resources 43(3): 511-52.
2008 Timilsina, Govinda R.Atmospheric Stabilization of CO2 emissions: Near-term Reductions and
Absolute versus Intensity-based Targets 
Energy Policy 36(6): 1927-36.  

Timilsina, Govinda R., and Ram M. Shrestha  

A General Equilibrium Analysis of Potential Demand Side Management Programs in the Household Sector in ThailandInternational Journal of Energy Sector Management 2(4): 570-93.  
2008 Valenzuela, Ernesto, Kym Anderson, and Tom HertelImpacts of Trade Reform: Sensitivity of GTAP Results to Modeling AssumptionsInternational Economics and Economic Policy 4(4): 395-420.   
2008 Wagstaff, Adam, and Magnus LindelowCan insurance increase financial risk? The curious case of health insurance in ChinaJournal of Health Economics 27(4): 990-1005.
2008 Yusuf, Shahid Intermediating Knowledge Exchange between Universities and Business Research Policy 37(8): 1167-74. 

Zia, Bilal Husnain  

Export Incentives, Financial Contstraints, and the (Mis)allocation of Credit: Micro-level Evidence from Subsidized Export Loans Journal of Financial Economics 87(2): 498-527. 

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