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The Geography of Academic Research: dataset

Authors:Jishnu Das , Quy-Toan Do  and Karen Shaines
Non-Bank Author:Sowmya Srinivasan
Report Number:WPS5152

Das, Do et al. (2009): "US and Them: The Geography of Academic Research"
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Number 5152, Washington DC: December 2009.

This database covers over 76,000 empirical economic papers published between 1985 and 2004 in the top 202 economics journals, and was used to study a number of relationships between GDP and research output, countries covered in these articles, and publication rates.

Variable Definitions:

  • ArticleNumber: unique article identifier [Original EconLit]
  • JournalName : publication outlet [Original EconLit]
  • IssueDate: issue date [Original EconLit]
  • ArticleYear: year of publication: computed by the authors from field "IssueDate"
  • GeographicDescriptor: geographic descriptor [Original EconLit]
  • CountryName: country of focus of the paper, computed by the authors from field "GeographicDescriptor"
  • CountryWB: country WB code, matched based on "CountryName"
  • CountryIFS: country IFS code, matched based on "CountryName"
  • AuthorAffiliation: Affiliation of authors [Original EconLit]
  • SubjectClassification: JEL code [Original EconLit]
  • ArticleType: type of the article (cross-country, theory, single-country) computed from field "GeographicDescriptor"


  1. The field "CountryName" might be subject to coding errors, and will be updated regularly
    Please inform us if you identify coding errors.
  2. The field "AuthorAffiliation" is currently being processed to uniquely identify reported affiliations.  Please check subsequent versions of the data release for updates.

The file below is a STATA v10 file, updated December 10, 2009


Access to Dataset
  • Geography of Academic Research dataset (zipped file, 19.8mb)

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