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All the Ginis Dataset (Updated June 2013)

Authors:Branko L. Milanovic

All the Ginis you ever wanted!  

This dataset includes combined and standardized Gini data from eight original sources: Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), Socio-Economic Database for Latin America (SEDLAC), Survey of Living Conditions (SILC) by Eurostat, World Income Distribution (WYD; the full data set is available here), World Bank Europe and Central Asia dataset, World Institute for Development Research (WIDER), World Bank Povcal, and Ginis from individual long-term inequality studies (just introduced in this version).

There are about 4100 Gini values, out of which 2043 are consistent Ginis from 164 countries and covering the period from 1950 to 2012. They are presented with key dummy variables, adjusting for the type of welfare aggregate used (net/gross, income/expenditure) and recipient unit (household/individual).

This is probably the largest consistent Gini database. Before using it, please read the Description of the dataset document, below:

Access to Dataset
  • All the Ginis dataset - updated 2013 (STATA file, 1.9mb)

  • All the Ginis dataset, 2013 (converted to Excel format, 1.6mb)

  • Description of "All the Ginis" dataset 2013 (pdf file, 291kb)

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