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All The Ginis dataset

Authors:Branko L. Milanovic

All the Ginis you ever wanted!  
Combined Gini data from Luxembourg Income Study (suffix LIS), Socio-Economic Database for Latin America (suffix SEDLAC), World Income Distribution (suffix WYD; the full data set is available), World Bank Europe and Central Asia (suffix EE) and WIDER (suffix W) databases; with their key dummies (net/gross, income/expenditure, household/individual). More than 1500 consistent Gini values from 154 countries and covering the period from 1950 to 2008.   

Access to Dataset
  • Explanation of Gini dataset variables (pdf file, 135kb)

  • All Gini file - updated 10-6-10 (STATA file, 1.3mb)

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