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All the Ginis, 1950-2012 (updated in Autumn 2014)

Authors:Branko L. Milanovic

All the Ginis you ever wanted!  

This dataset represents a compilation and adaptation of Gini coefficients from nine original sources: Luxembourg Income Study (LIS), Socio-Economic Database for Latin America (SEDLAC), Survey of Living Conditions (SILC) by Eurostat, World Bank's Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ECA) database, World Income Distribution (WYD; the full data set is available here), World Institute for Development Research (WIDER), World Bank Povcal, CEPAL, and Ginis from individual long-term inequality studies.

This is probably the largest consistent Gini database. Before using it, please read the Description of the dataset document, below:

For further information on this dataset, please contact Branko Milanovic (

Access to Dataset
  • All the Ginis dataset - updated Oct. 2014 (STATA file, 2mb)

  • Description of "All the Ginis" dataset Oct. 2014 (pdf file, 470kb)

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