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Authors:Waly Wane
Topics:Public Sector Governance

The survey covered 3 of the countries 9 regions. As the capital, Bamako has been purposively chosen to be included in the survey, the other two regions - Segou and Mopti - have been randomly selected among the remaining 8 regions. In each of the regions, 5 school districts have been randomly chosen to participate in the survey. Finally, in each district, 35 primary schools were randomly pick for interview. The survey thus collected data on 3 regions, 15 districts and 525 primary schools. At the school level, 1,255 teachers have also been interviewed. The data collection lasted one month starting in mid-May 2005 to end around mid-July 2005. The survey used a series of instruments for collecting data at all these different levels.

The following reports and data sets (two formats: dta=STATA, sav=SPSS) are available.
The language used is French.

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