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Authors:Waly Wane  and Bernard P. Gauthier
Topics:Public Sector Governance

The survey covered a large area of the country with 15, or half, of the country's provinces visited. In each province, half of the districts were visited with a total of 21 health districts that have been surveyed. Finally, all the facilities that were identified in a selected district have been surveyed. The survey thus covered 281 primary health care facilities, 21 district hospitals, 2 general hospitals, 1,594 health workers, and 2,073 patients. The administrative units at the province and district levels also have been surveyed, along with the Central Pharmaceutical Agency. The data collection started in early May 2004 and ended around mid-July 2004. The survey used a series of instruments for collecting data at all these different levels.

The following instruments and the data sets, in French, are available (pdf files):

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