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Environment and Energy Research

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The research program on environment and energy addresses how economically efficient and environmentally sustainable use of energy, natural resources, and the services of the natural environment are key contributors to economic growth and poverty reduction. It covers four broad areas: (1) environment and natural resources, (2) energy, (3) climate change, (4) urban and regional development.  More » 


Working Papers

Climate Change, Conflict, and Cooperation: Global Analysis of the Resilience of International River Treaties to Increased Water Variability
Shlomi Dinar, David Katz, Lucia De Stefano, and Brian Blankespoor
Working Paper 6916, June 2014

Household Cooking Fuel Choice and Adoption of Improved Cookstoves in Developing Countries: A Review
Sunil Malla and Govinda R Timilsina
Working Paper 6903, June 2014

Incentive Contracts for Environmental Services and Their Potential in REDD
Lea Fortmann, Paula Cordero, Brent Sohngen, and Brian Roe
Working Paper 6829, April 2014

River Salinity and Climate Change: Evidence from Coastal Bangladesh
Susmita Dasgupta, Farhana Akhter Kamal, Zahirul Huque Khan, Sharifuzzaman Choudhury, and Ainun Nishat
Working Paper 6817, March 2014

Implementation of REDD+ Mechanisms in Tanzania
Paula Cordero Salas
Working Paper 6815, March 2014

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