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Environment and Energy Research

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The research program on environment and energy addresses how economically efficient and environmentally sustainable use of energy, natural resources, and the services of the natural environment are key contributors to economic growth and poverty reduction. It covers four broad areas: (1) environment and natural resources, (2) energy, (3) climate change, (4) urban and regional development. More »


Working Papers

Cooperative Behavior and Common Pool Resources: Experimental Evidence from Community Forest User Groups in Nepal
Randy Bluffstone, Astrid Dannenberg, Peter Martinsson, Prakash Jha, Rajesh Bista, Working paper 7323, June 2015

Do Improved Biomass Cookstoves Reduce Fuelwood Consumption and Carbon Emissions? Evidence from Rural Ethiopia Using a Randomized Treatment Trial with Electronic Monitoring
Abebe Beyene, Randy Bluffstone, Zenebe Gebreegzhiaber, Peter Martinsson, Alemu Mekonnen, Ferdinand Vieider, Working Paper 7324, June 2015

The Effect of Nonbinding Agreements on Cooperation among Forest User Groups in Nepal and Ethiopia
Astrid Dannenberg and Peter Martinsson, Working Paper 7325, June 2015

Community Managed Forest Groups and Preferences for REDD+ Contract Attributes: A Choice Experiment Survey of Communities in Nepal
Sahan T. M. Dissanayake, Prakash Jha, Bhim Adhikari, Rajesh Bista, Randall Bluffstone, Harisharan Luintel, Peter Martinsson, Naya Sharma Paudel, E. Somanathan, Michael Toman, Working paper 7326, June 2015

Does Collective Action Sequester Carbon? The Case of the Nepal Community Forestry Program
Randy Bluffstone, Eswaran Somanathan, Prakash Jha, Harisharan Luintel, Rajesh Bista, Naya Paudel, Bhim Adhikari, Working Paper 7327, June 2015

Measuring Risk Preferences in Rural Ethiopia: Risk Tolerance and Exogenous Income Proxies
Ferdinand M. Vieider, Abebe Beyene, Randall Bluffstone, Sahan Dissanayake, Zenebe Gebreegziabher, Peter Martinsson, Alemu Mekonnen, December 2014

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