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African Trade Database

Authors:William J. Martin
Non-Bank Author:T. Walmsley (principal investigator), B. Dimaranan, A. Elbehri, J. Francois, M. Gehlhar, M. Horridge, H. Huang, H. Grinsted Jensen, D. Laborde, E. Peterson
Web Address:Trade

This database was constructed to meet the need for high-quality data to allow analysis of trade reforms involving African countries. Particular attention was given to ensuring that the database would allow analysis of proposal for regional trade agreements introduced in conjunction with the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the European Union. The dataset greatly expands the number of regions and the quality of input-output data for African regions able to be analyzed using the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) database and model.

The development of the database was due in part to funding received from the Bank Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP) via the World Bank and the European Commission.

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  • African Trade Database (GTAP)

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