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Sustainable Rural and Urban Development: 2008 Publications

Journal Articles
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Journal Articles

Cropper, Maureen L., and Elizabeth Kopits. 2008. “Why Have Traffic Fatalities Declined in Industrialized Countries? Implications for Pedestrians and Vehicle Occupants.” Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 42(1):129 54.

Cropper, Maureen L., Akie Takeuchi, and Antonio Bento. 2008. “The Welfare Effects of Slum Improvement Programs: The Case of Mumbai.” Journal of Urban Economics 64(1): 65–84.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Nlandu Mamingi, Benoit Laplante, and Jong Ho Hong. 2008. "Firms’ Environmental Performance: Does News Matter?" Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 9(2): 67–77.

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Deininger, Klaus W., and Songqing Jin. 2008. "Land Sales and Rental Markets in Transition: Evidence from Rural Vietnam.” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 70(1): 67–101.

Deininger, Klaus W., and D. Ayalew. 2008. “Do Overlapping Land Rights Constrain Agricultural Investment? Evidence from Uganda.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(4): 869–84.

Deininger, Klaus W., S. Jin, and H. K. Nagarajan. 2008. “Equity and Efficiency Impacts of Rural Land Rental Restrictions: Evidence from India.” European Economic Review 52(5): 892–918.

Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, and T. Yamano. 2008. “Legal Knowledge and Economic Development: The Case of Land Rights in Uganda.” Land Economics 84(4): 593–619.

Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, and T. Alemu. 2008. “Assessing the Functioning of Land Rental Markets in Ethiopia.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 57(1): 67–101.

Deininger, Klaus W., D. Ayalew, S. Holden, and J. Zevenbergen. 2008. “Rural Land Certification in Ethiopia: Process, Initial Impact, and Implications for Other African Countries.” World Development 36(10): 1786–1812.

Fafchamps, Marcel, and Forhad J. Shilpi. 2008. "Subjective Welfare, Isolation, and Relative Consumption." Journal of Development Economics 86(1,April): 43–60.

González U., Roberto Velasco, and H. Jorge. 2008. "Evaluation of the Impact of Climatic Change on the Economic Value of Land in Agricultural Systems in Chile." Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research 68(1): 56–68.

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Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob, George W. Norton, Jeffrey Alwang, Monayem Miah, and Gershon Feder. 2008. "Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Integrated Pest Management Extension Methods: An Example from Bangladesh.” Review of Agricultural Economics 30(2): 252–69.

Seo, Nigel, and Robert Mendelsohn. 2008. "A Ricardian Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on South American Farms." Chilean Journal of Agricultural Research 68(1): 69–79.

Shilpi, Forhad J. 2008. "Subjective Welfare, Isolation, and Relative Consumption." Journal of Development Economics 86(1): 43–60.

Shilpi, Forhad J. , and Dina Umali-Deininger. 2008. “Market Facilities and Agricultural Marketing: Evidence from Tamil Nadu, India.” Agricultural Economics 39(3): 281–94.

Timilsina, Govinda R. 2008. “Atmospheric Stabilization of CO2 Emissions: Near-Term Reductions and Absolute versus Intensity-Based Targets.” Energy Policy 36(6): 1927–36.

Timilsina, Govinda R., and Ram M. Shrestha. 2008. "A General Equilibrium Analysis of Potential Demand Side Management Programs in the Household Sector in Thailand." International Journal of Energy Sector Management 2(4): 570–93.



Dinar, Ariel, Rashid Hassan, Robert Mendelsohn, and James Benhin. eds. 2008. “Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa: Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies.” London: Earthscan.

Zhou, Guomei, and Hua Wang, eds. 2008. Mainstreaming Environment in China. Beijing: China Environment Press.


Chapters in Books

Cropper, Maureen L. 2008. “Global Environmental Sustainability—Protecting the Commons.” In Global Monitoring Report 2008. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Cropper, Maureen L. 2008. “A Cross-Country Comparison of Decentralization and Environmental Protection: Commentary.” In Fiscal Decentralization and Land Policies, ed. G. Ingram and Y. Hong. Cambridge, MA: Lincoln Institute of Land Development.

Wang, Hua, James Roumasset, and Kimberly Burnett. 2008. "Environmental Resources and Economic Growth in China." In China’s Great Transformation. ed. Loren Brandt and Thomas G. Rawski. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.


Conferences & Seminars

Conference on New Challenges for Land Policy and Administration
February 14-15, 2008 
The conference focused on broad themes of land tenure and land access for economic development and poverty reduction.

Conference on Water: Economics, Policy, Politics and Agricultural Celebration
International Expo ZH2O ‘Water and Sustainable Development’
Zaragoza (Spain), June 14-September 14, 2008
Two important questions examined in the conference were non-point pollution andirrigation technologies for water conservation. The book that emerged from the conference, The Management of Water Quality and Irrigation Technologies (2008), describes experiences from several countries that highlight both achievements and failures in dealing with pollution and irrigation issues.

Seminar Series on Environmental and Resource Economics
Contact: Hua Wang (



Buys, Piet, Susmita Dasgupta, Tim Thomas, and David Wheeler. 2008. “Determinants of a Digital Divide in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Cell Phone.” Research Brief (online only), Development Research Group, Washington, DC, March.

Deichmann, Uwe, and Indermit S. Gill. 2008. "The Economic Geography of Regional Integration." Finance and Development 45(4): 45–48.

Ravallion, Martin, and Dominique van de Walle. 2008. “Land in Transition: Reform and Poverty in Rural Vietnam.” World Bank Research Digest 2(4, Summer): 4.

Wang, Hua, and Dong Chen. 2008. "Environmental Information Disclosure: Theory, Practice and Challenge." World Environment Issue No. 5. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Enivronment Programme (UNEP), China Environmental Protection Ministry.

World Bank. 2008. Climate Change: Likely Impacts on African Crops, Livestock & Farm Types ."
Featured Article (online only), Development Research Group, Washington, DC, June. 


Working Papers

Anselin, Luc, Nancy Lozano-Gracia, Uwe Deichmann, and Somik V. Lall. 2008. " Valuing Access to Water - a Spatial Hedonic Approach Applied to Indian Cities." Policy Research Working Paper 4533, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Cropper, Maureen L., and Sebnem Sahin. 2009. “Valuing Mortality and Morbidity in the Context of Disaster Risks.” Policy Research Working Paper 4832, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Dasgupta, Susmita, Piet Buys, Timothy Thomas, and David Wheeler. 2008. "Determinants of a Digital Divide in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Cell Phone Coverage." Policy Research Working Paper 4516, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Deichmann, Uwe, Forhad Shilpi, and Renos Vakis. 2008. "Spatial Specialization and Farm-nonfarm Linkages." Policy Research Working Paper Series 4611, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Dinar, Ariel, Mahfuz Rahman, Donald F. Larson, and Philippe Ambrosi. 2008. " Factors Affecting Levels of International Cooperation in Carbon Abatement Projects." Policy Research Working Paper 4786, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Dinar, Ariel, Jinxia Wang, Robert Mendelsohn, Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle, and Lijuan Zhang. 2008. "Can China Continue Feeding Itself? The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture." Policy Research Working Paper 4470, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Emran, M. Shahe, and Forhad Shilpi. 2008. " The Extent of the Market and Stages of Agricultural Specialization." Policy Research Working Paper Series 4534, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Fafchamps, Marcel, and Forhad Shilpi, 2008. " Determinants of Choice of Migration Destination." Policy Research Working Paper Series 4728, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Fafchamps, Marcel, and Forhad Shilpi. 2008. "Isolation and Subjective Welfare: Evidence from South Asia." Policy Research Working Paper Series 4535, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Hochrainer, S., R. Mechler, G. Pflug, and A. Lotsch. 2008. "Investigating the Impact of Climate Change on the Robustness of Index-Based Microinsurance in Malawi." Policy Research Working Paper 4631, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Larson, Donald F. 2008. "Carbon Markets, Institutions, Policies, and Research." Policy Research Working Paper 4761, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Mundlak, Yair, Rita Butzer, and Donald F. Larson. 2008. " Heterogeneous Technology and Panel Data: The Case of the Agricultural Production Function." Policy Research Working Paper 4536, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Shilpi, Forhad. 2008. " Migration, Sorting and Regional Inequality: Evidence from Bangladesh." Policy Research Working Paper Series 4616, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Seo, Noggol, Robert Mendelsohn, Pradeep Kurukulasuriya, ArielDinar, and Rashid Hassan. 2008. “Differential Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in African Cropland by Agro-Ecological Zones.” Policy Research Working Paper 4600, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Suarez, Pablo, Precious Givah, Kelvin Storey, and Alexander Lotsch. 2008. " HIV/AIDS, Climate Change and Disaster Management: Challenges for Institutions in Malawi." Policy Research Working Paper 4634, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Timilsina, Govinda R. 2008. "A General Equilibrium Analysis of Demand Side Management Programs under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol." Policy Research Working Paper 4563, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Timilsina, Govinda R., and Hari B. Dulal. 2008. "Fiscal Policy Instruments for Reducing Congestion and Atmospheric Emissions in the Transport Sector: A Review." Policy Research Working Paper 4652, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Timilsina, Govinda R. 2008. "The Growth of Transport Sector CO2 Emissions and Underlying Factors in Latin America and the Caribbean." Policy Research Working Paper 4734, World Bank, Washington, DC.

Wang, Bintao, Hua Fan, Jian Xie, and Honglin Li. 2008. " Domestic Water Pricing with Household Surveys: A Study of Acceptability and Willingness to Pay in Chongqing, China." Policy Research Working Paper 4690, World Bank, Washington, DC.


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