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EU Standards database

Authors:John S. Wilson
Non-Bank Author:Ben Shepherd
Web Address:Trade Research

Witold Czubala, Ben Shepherd, and John S. Wilson. 2007. “Help or Hindrance? The Impact of Harmonized Standards on African Exports.” Policy Research Working Paper 4400, World Bank, Washington, DC.

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About the Dataset
The dataset files in this page contain a data on the EU Standards Database for agricultural products and textiles/clothing The EU Standards Database collates European standards for agricultural products and textiles/clothing over the period 1995-2003, and maps them to the Harmonized System. For each product-year combination, counts are given both of the number of standards and of the number of pages of standards. In general, rapid growth is observed both in the number and average length of standards.

For questions about the datasets please contact Ben Shepherd,

Access to Dataset
  • EUSDB Raw Data (MS Excel, 245kb)

  • Overview and Manual (pdf file, 105.9kb)

  • EUSDB Feb2006 (MS Excel, 246kb)

  • Dataset (MS Excel file, 246kb)

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