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Technical Barriers to Trade Survey

Authors:John S. Wilson
Non-Bank Author:Keith Maskus, Tsunehiro Otsuki
Web Address:Trade Research
Report Number:WPS3590, WPS3809

Maskus, Keith E., Tsunehiro Otsuki and John S. Wilson. 2005. “The cost of Compliance with Product Standards for Firms in Developing Countries: An Econometric Study.” The World Bank, Policy Research Working Paper Series #3590

Related paper
Chen, Maggie Xiaoyang, Tsunehiro Otsuki, and John S. Wilson. 2006.  “Do standards matter for export success ?” The World Bank, Policy Research Working Paper Series #3809

The World Bank has completed a new database on technical barriers to trade and standards, based on a survey of 689 firms in 17 developing countries. The World Bank Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) database includes information on both mandatory technical regulations, as well as the use of voluntary standards. For example, the data include information on the costs of meeting standards and technical barriers required in major export markets. The data also include firms' experiences with product testing and their responses to questions regarding mutual recognition agreements.

The dataset files, found below, contain a survey on non-technical barriers to trade.  There is also a note describing the survey data.

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