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2007 Journal Articles

  Journal articles by World Bank Development Research Group staff. Please note that articles are often available only to journal subscribers. 

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2007 Journal Articles




Alderman, Harold H.Improving Nutrition through Community Growth Promotion: Longitudinal Study of the Nutrition and Early Child Development Program in UgandaWorld Development 35: 1376-1389
Alderman, Harold H., Jere R. Behrman, and John HoddinottEconomic and Nutritional Analyses Offer Substantial Synergies for Understanding Human NutritionJournal of Nutrition 137: 537-544
Ambrosi, Philippe, and Franck LecocqThe Clean Development Mechanism: History, Status, and ProspectsReview Of Economic Studies 1: 134-151
Anderson, Kym, and Ernesto ValenzuelaDo Global Trade Distortions Still Harm Developing Countries?Review of World Economics 143: 108-139
Beck, Thorsten, and Augusto de la TorreThe Basic Analytics of Access to Financial ServicesFinancial Markets, Institutions, and Instruments 16: 79-117
Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Ross LevineFinance, Inequality, and the PoorJournal of Economic Growth 12: 27-49
Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Maria Soledad Martinez PeriaReaching Out: Access to and Use of Banking Services across CountriesJournal of Financial Economics 85: 234-266
Chomitz, Kenneth M., Ellen M. Douglas, Kate Sebastian, Charles J. Vörösmarty, Stanley Wood And Kenneth M. Chomitz, and Thomas P. TomichPolicy implications of a pan-tropic assessment of the simultaneous hydrological and biodiversity impacts of deforestationWater Resources Management 21: 211-232
Chomitz, Kenneth M., Ellen Douglas, Stanley Wood And Kenneth M. Chomitz, Kate Sebastian, Charles Vorosmarty, and Thomas TomichPolicy Implications of a pan-tropic assessment of the Simultaneous Hydrological and Biodiversity Impacts of DeforestationWater International 9: 369-395
Chomitz, Kenneth M., and Andrew Nelson PhilipThe forest-hydrology-watershed nexus in Central America: an heuristic analysisEnvironment Development and Sustainability 9: 369-385
Cropper, Maureen L., A. Takeuchi, and A. BentoThe Impact of Policies to Control Motor Vehicle Emissions in Mumbai, India.Journal of Regional Science 47: 27-46
Cropper, Maureen L., S. Bhattacharya, and A. AlberiniThe Value of Mortality Risk Reduction in Delhi, IndiaJournal of Risk and Uncertainty 34: 21-47
de Walque, DamienHow does the impact of an HIV/AIDS information campaign vary with educational attainment? Evidence from rural UgandaJournal of Development Economics 84: 686-714
de Walque, DamienSero-Discordant Couples in Five African Countries: Implications for Prevention StrategiesPopulation and Development Review 33: 501-523
de Walque, DamienDoes education affect smoking behaviors? Evidence using the Vietnam draft as an instrument for college educationJournal of Health Economics 26: 877-895
Dahiya, Sandeep, and Leora KlapperWho Survives? A Cross-country ComparisonJournal of Financial Stability 3: 261-278
Das, Jishnu, and Paul GertlerVariations In Practice Quality In Five Low-Income Countries: A Conceptual OverviewHealth Affairs (Web Exclusive) 26: 296-309
Das, Jishnu, and Thomas Pave SohnesenVariations In Doctor Effort: Evidence From ParaguayHealth Affairs (Web Exclusive) 26: 324-337
Das, Jishnu, and Jeffrey S. HammerLocation, Location, Location: Residence, Wealth, And The Quality of Medical Care In Delhi, IndiaHealth Affairs (Web Exclusive) 26: 338-351
Dasgupta, Susmita, Craig Meisner, and David R. WheelerIs Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture Less Profitable for Farmers? Evidence on Integrated Pest Management in BangladeshReview Of Agricultural Economics 29: 103-118
Dasgupta, Susmita, Craig Meisner, David R. Wheeler, Khuc Xuyen, and Nan Thi LamPesticide Poisoning of Farm Workers: Implications of Blood Test Results from VietnamInternational Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health 210: 121-132
Deichmann, Uwe, and Somik V. LallCitizen Feedback and Delivery of Urban Services World Development 35: 111-132
Deininger, Klaus W., and Songqing JinRisk Coping and Starvation in Rural ChinaApplied Economics 39: 1341-1352
Elbadawi, Ibrahim Ahmed, and Samir MakdisiExplaining the democracy deficit in the Arab worldQuarterly Review of Economics and Finance 46: 813-831
Elbadawi, Ibrahim Ahmed, H. Esfahani, and H. Kheir-El-DinEconomic Policy and Performance in the Middle East and North Africa: Essays in Honor of Heba HandoussaSpecial Issue Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 46: 653-656
Elbers, Chris, Tomoki Fujii Fujii, Peter F. Lanjouw, Berk Ozler, and Wesley YinPoverty Alleviation through Geographic Targeting: How Much Does Disaggregation Help?Journal of Development Economics 83: 198-213
Feenstra, Robert, and Hiau Looi KeeTrade Liberalization and Export Variety: A Comparison of Mexico and ChinaThe World Economy 30: 5-21
Ferreira, Francisco H. G., and Filipe R. CampanteInefficient Lobbying, Populism and OligarchyJournal of Public Economics 91: 993-1021
Ferreira, Francisco H. G., François Bourguignon, and Michael WaltonEquity, Efficiency and Inequality Traps: A Research AgendaJournal of Economic Inequality 5: 235-256
Filmer, Deon P.Autonomy, Participation and Learning: Findings from Argentine Schools, and Implications for Decentralization Education EconomicsEducation Economics 15: 103-127
Filmer, Deon P.If You Build It, Will They Come? School Availability and School Enrolment in 21 Poor CountriesJournal of Development Studies 43: 901-928
Giles, John T., and Ren MuElderly Parent Health and the Migration Decisions of Adult Children: Evidence from Rural ChinaDemography 44: 265-288
Giles, John T., and Kyeongwon YooPrecautionary Behavior, Migrant Networks, and Household Consumption Decisions: An Empirical Analysis Using Household Panel Data from Rural ChinaReview of Economics and Statistics 89: 534-551
Kee, Hiau Looi, and Bernard M. HoekmanImports, Entry and Competition Law as Market DisciplinesEuropean Economic Review 51: 831-858
Kee, Hiau Looi, Marcelo Olarreaga, and Peri SilvaMarket Access for SaleJournal of Development Economics 82: 79-94
Kee, Hiau LooiBook review of James Anderson and Peter Neary, Measuring the Restrictiveness of International Trade PolicyJournal of International Economics 73: 434-437
Keefer, Philip E., and Steve KnackBoondoggles, rent-seeking and political checks and balances: Public investment under unaccountable governments. Review of Economics and Statistics 89
Khandker, Shahidur R.Coping with Flood: Role of Institutions in BangladeshAgricultural Economics 36: 169-180
Knack, Steve, and Aminur RahmanDonor Fragmentation and Bureaucratic Quality in Aid RecipientsJournal of Development Economics 83: 176-197
Kraay, Aart, and Jaume VenturaComparative Advantage and the Cross-section of Business CyclesJournal of the European Economic Association 5(6):  1300-1333, December.
Kraay, Aart C., Daniel Kaufmann, and Massimo MastruzziGrowth and Governance: A RejoinderThe Journal of Politics 69: 568-570
Kraay, Aart C., Daniel Kaufmann, and Massimo MastruzziGrowth and Governance: A ReplyThe Journal of Politics 69: 553-560
Lall, Somik V., Uwe Deichmann, Daniel Damata, Vernon Henderson, and Hyoung WangDeterminants of City Growth in BrazilJournal of Urban Economics 62: 252-272
Lall, Somik V.Infrastructure and Regional Growth: Growth Dynamics and Policy Relevance for IndiaAnnals of Regional Science 41: 581-599
Lall, Somik V., and Jun KooEconomic Geography: Real or Hype?International Regional Science Review 30: 3-19
Larson, Donald F.On inverse carrying charges and spatial arbitrageJournal of Futures Markets 27: 305-336
Love, Inessa, Lorenzo A. Preve, and Virginia Sarria-AllendeTrade Credit and Bank Credit: Evidence from Recent Financial CrisesJournal Financial Economics 83: 453-469
Mansuri, GhazalaCredit Layering in Informal Financial MarketsJournal of Development Economics 84: 715-30
Martin, William J., and Patrick Messerlin‘Why is it so difficult? trade liberalization under the Doha Agenda’ Oxford Review of Economic Policy 
Mattoo, Aadiyta, Bernard M. Hoekman, and Andre SapirThe Political Economy of Services Trade Liberalization: A Case for International Regulatory Cooperation Oxford Review of Economic Policy 23: 367-391
Nicita, Alessandro, and Marcelo OlarreagaTrade, Production and Protection Database 1976-2004World Bank Economic Review 21
Ozler, BerkNot Separate, Not equal: Poverty and Inequality in Post-Apartheid South AfricaEconomic Development and Cultural Change 55
Paxson, Christina, and Norbert SchadyCognitive Development among Young Children in Ecuador: The Roles of Wealth, Health, and ParentingJournal of Human Resources 42: 49-84
Porto, GuidoGlobalization and Poverty in Latin America. Some Channels and Some EvidenceWorld Economy 
Rattanaviwatpong, Porranee, Jeffrey E. Richey, David Savage, Sarah D. Rodda, Bruce Campbell, and Miles G. LogsdonEffects of land use change on the hydrologic regime of the Mae Chaem river basin, NW Thailand Journal of Hydrology 334: 215-230
Ravallion, Martin, Johan A. Mistiaen, and Anton KorinekAn Econometric Method of Correcting for Unit Nonresponse Bias in SurveysJournal of Econometrics 127: 213-35
Schady, NorbertEarly Childhood Development in Latin America and the CaribbeanEconomia 6: 185-225
Schiff, Maurice, and Yanling WangNorth-South and South-South Trade-Related Technology Diffusion: The Importance of Industries' R&D Intensity.Journal of Development Studies
Schiff, Maurice, and Yanling WangNorth-South and South-South Trade-Related Technology Diffusion: How Important are they in Improving TFP Growth?Journal of Development Studies
Schiff, MauriceNorth-South Technology Diffusion, Regional Integration, and the Dynamics of the “Natural Trading Partners” Hypothesis.Revue d'Economie du Developpement
Schmukler, Sergio, and Stijn ClaessensInternational Financial Integration through Equity Markets: Which Firms from Which Countries Go Global?Journal of International Money and Finance 26: 788-813
Schmukler, Sergio, and Philip LaneThe Evolving Role of China and India in the Global Financial SystemOpen Economies Review 18: 1-22
Schmukler, Sergio, Augusto de la Torre, and Juan Carlos Gozzi ValdezStock Market Development under Globalization: Whither the Gains from Reforms?Journal of Banking and Finance 31: 1731-1754
Schmukler, Sergio, Stijn Claessens, and Daniela M. H. KlingebielGovernment Bonds in Domestic and Foreign Currency: The Role of Macroeconomic and Institutional FactorsReview of International Economics 15: 370-413
Schmukler, Sergio, and Augusto de la TorreComo Desarrollar Los Mercados de Capitales?Carta Financiera 136: 14-21
Schmukler, Sergio, Augusto de la Torre, and Juan Carlos Gozzi ValdezFinancial Development: Emerging and Maturing Policy IssuesWorld Bank Research Observer 22: 67-102
Schmukler, Sergio, and Ross LevineMigration, Liquidity Spillovers, and Trade Diversion: The Effects of Internationalization on Stock Market ActivityJournal of Banking and Finance 31: 1595-1612
Tarr, David, Jesper Jensen, and Thomas RutherfordThe Impact of Liberalizing Barriers to Foreign Direct Investment in Services: The Case of Russian Accession to the World Trade OrganizationReview Of Development Economics 11: 482-506
Tarr, DavidRussian WTO Accession: An AssessmentEuro-Asian Geography and Economics 48: 306-319
Timilsina, Govinda R.Alternative tax instruments for CO2 emission reduction and effects of revenue recycling schemesEnergy Studies Review 15: 22-52
Valenzuela, Ernesto, T. Hertel, R. Keeney, and J. ReimerAssessing Global Computable General Equilibrium Model Validity Using Agricultural Price VolatilityAmerican Journal of Agricultural Economics 89: 383-397
Wagstaff, Adam, and Shengchao YuDo health sector reforms have their intended impacts?: The World Bank's Health VIII project in Gansu province, China Journal of Health Economics 26: 505-535
Wagstaff, AdamThe Economic Consequences of Health Shocks: Evidence from VietnamJournal of Health Economics 26: 82-100
Wang, Hua, and Yanhong JinIndustrial Owenership and Environmental Performance: Evidence from ChinaEnvironmental and Resource Economics 36: 255-273
Wilson, John S., and Michael J. FingerImplementing a Trade Facilitation AGreement in the WTO: What Makes Sense?Pacific Economic Review 12: 5-355




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