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2004 Books

 This is a chronological listing of books published by Development Economics Research staff.

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2004 Books




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2004Warrick Smith, Mary Hallward - Drieimeier, Gaiv Tata, George Clarke, Raj M. Desai, Timothy Irwin, Richard E. Messick, Stefano Scarpetta, Ekaterina VostroknutovaWorld Development Report 2005: A Better Investment Climate for Everyone 
2004Deepak Bhattasali , Shantong Li, William J. Martin China and the WTO: Accession, Policy Reform, and Poverty Reduction Strategies
2004Adam Wagstaff, Mariam Claeson                   The Millennium Development Goals for Health: Rising to the Challenges, World Bank, All Countries                    
2004David R. DollarImproving City Competitiveness through the Investment Climate:Ranking 23 Chinese Cites, China Financial and Economic Publishing House, China
2004Ritva S. Reinikka, Nathanael SmithPublic Expenditure Tracking in Education, International Institute for Education Planning, Peru
2004A. Mead Over, Peter F. Heywood, Julian Gold, Indrani Gupta, Subhah Hira, Elliot Marseille                                                      HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention in India: Modeling the Cost and Consequences, World Bank,India                       

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