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December 17

8th International Conference on Migration and Development will take place on June 8-9, 2015 in Washington, DC.

The French Development Agency (AFD) Research Department, the World Bank Development Research Group (DECRG), and the Center for Global Development (CGD) are jointly organizing the 8th International Conference on Migration and Development. The conference is devoted to investigating ways in which international migration affects economic and social change in developing countries. Possible topics include the effects of migration on poverty, inequality, and human capital formation; social networks and migration; diaspora externalities; remittances; brain drain; migration and institutional/technological change.

Submissions of papers will be accepted until January 20, 2015.

See complete instructions on submitting a paper.

October 29

The Best New Research from across the Bank: Winners of the 2014 Research Academy 
The Research Academy identifies and shares the findings of the best new policy-relevant research from across the World Bank Group. The 2014 Academy was sponsored jointly by the Research Director, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and the Global Practices Chief Economist, Jeffrey Lewis.
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October 29Private Sector Development Policy Innovation Lab
The goal of the Policy Innovation Lab is to involve researchers (internal and external to the World Bank) in creating "off-the-shelf" policy instruments for policy makers and World Bank task team leaders (TTLs). 
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November 21

Jishnu Das, DECRG researcher, and Colleagues in McGill University Awarded 'Stars In Global Health' Grant, funded by the Canadian Government
Video: “Mystery clients” to assess and improve quality of TB care (India)
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Project Description

September 25

Winners of the Research Academy 2013
The research academy is a new initiative to identify the best policy-relevant research from across the World Bank Group.
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September 9

Four books by researchers in the Development Research Group are among the top 25 downloads in the World Bank’s Open Knowledge Repository. 

Most current stats on most-popular downloads

Economic Mobility and the Rise of the Latin American Middle Class (2013) 13,051 downloads
Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Julian Messina, Jamele Rigolini, Luis Felipe Lopez-Calva, Maria Ana Lugo, Renos Vakis, Luis Felipe Lopez-Calva, Renos Vakis

Handbook on Impact Evaluation : Quantitative Methods and Practices (2010) 5,031 downloads
Shahidur R. Khandker,  Gayatri B. Koolwal, Hussain A. Samad

License to Sell: The Effect of Business Registration Reform on Entrepreneurial Activity in Mexico (2008)  6,075 downloads 
Miriam Bruhn

A Unified Approach to Measuring Poverty and Inequality: Theory and Practic2 (2013) 3,677 downloads
James Foster, Suman Seth, Michael Lokshin, Zurab Sajaia 
April 1

Quy-Toan Do, DECRG researcher, winner of the Big Ideas: Changing How We Think About Africa. Watch his award winning TEDlike talk on the report about Piracy in Somalia here

March 15

DEC Opens its Doors to Operational Experts
New program to give on-the-ground experts opportunity to inform Bank's research agenda. (internal link only, sorry!)
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February 15 Asli Demirgüç-Kunt named Director, Development Research Group 
JulyWorld Bank Economists Win the Journal of Development Studies' Dudley Seers Prize  
Dominique Van De Walle and Ren Mu won the prize for their paper titled, “Rural Roads and Local Market Development in Vietnam.”  Development Research Group's Michael Woolcock and Vijayendra Rao (along with Simon Sretzer) won an honorable mention for their paper, “How and Why Does History Matter for Development Policy?” The announcements will be in the journal's November issue.
JuneNew book co-authored by Michael Woolcock Co-Winner of the Sociology of Development Section Faculty Book Award by the American Sociological Association. “Contesting Development: Participatory Projects and Local Conflict Dynamics in Indonesia," will be given the award during the ASA's annual meeting in August.
JuneMartin Ravallion, Development Research Group Director, Appointed Acting World Bank Chief Economist, announcement.

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RePEc ranks the World Bank Group first
Top 10% Institutions and Economists in the Field of Development, as of August 2011

JulyMartin Ravallion awarded 2011 John Kenneth Galbraith Award "for outstanding contributions to humanity through leadership, research and service" at the annual conference of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. Martin donated the award's prize money to an AAEA fund to finance travel costs for students from developing countries attending future AAEA conferences. (Video interview by AAEA with Mr. Ravallion)

The first annual prize for excellence was awarded by the journal Climate Policy for the paper "Country Stakes in Climate Change Negotiations: Two Dimensions of Vulnerability," by Piet Buys, Uwe Deichmann, Craig Meisner (World Bank); Thao Ton That (UNEP/GRID Geneva): David Wheeler (Center for Global Development). Climate Change 9(3): 288-305, 2009. 
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MarchWill J. Martin - Appointed Distinguished Fellow of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, in recognition of his many contributions to the economics of agriculture and trade policy.
AprilMaureen Cropper elected to membership in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences along with 71 others in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.
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SeptemberMartin Ravallion new Director of the Development Research Group, World Bank.   

Honorable Mention, Outstanding Review Article 
American Agricultural Economics Association
"Distortions to World Trade: Impacts on Agricultural Markets and Farm Incomes," Kym Anderson, Will J. Martin, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, Review of Agricultural Economics 28(2), 2006.


Quality of Communication Award
American Agricultural Economics Association
Poverty and the WTO: Impacts of the Doha Development Agenda, eds. W. Hertel and L. Alan Winters, World Bank.
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Annual Award for Quality of Research Discovery
American Agricultural Economics Association
Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda, eds. Kym Anderson and Will Martin.
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2006 Quality of Communication Award
American Agricultural Economics Association
Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda, eds. Kym Andeson and Will Martin.
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Nov. 2006Hewlett awards $1.5 million 2-year grant to Development Research Group for a research program on fertility, reproductive health & socioeconomic outcomes. 


Quality of Research Discovery Award
American Agricultural Economics Association
"Success and Failure of Reforms: Insights from Transition Agriculture," Scott Rozelle (University of California) & Johann Swinnen (World Bank), Journal of Economic Literature 42(2), June2004.
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Publication of Enduring Quality Award
American Agricultural Economics Association
"Adoption of Agricultural Innovations in Development Countries: A Survey," Gershon Feder (World Bank), Richard Just (University of Maryland), and David Zilberman (University of California at Berkeley), Economic Development and Cultural Change 33(2): 255-98, 1985. 
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Jul. 2005Gershon Feder appointed Fellow, American Agricultural Economics Association 


Quality of Research Discovery Award
American Agricultural Economics Association
"Getting Institutions Right for Whom? Credit Constraints and the Impact of Property Rights," Michael Carter (University of Wisconsin) & Pedro Olinto (World Bank),American Journal of Agricultural Economics25, 2003. 


Quality of Research Discovery Award
American Agricultural Economics Association
"Hazards of Expropriation: Tenure Insecurity and Investments in Rural China," Hanan Jacoby & Guo Li (WB) and Scott Rozelle (University of California), American Economic Review; 92(5), 2002. 
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Publication of Enduring Quality Away -American Agricultural Economics Association
"Futures Markets and the Theory of the Firm under Price Uncertainty," Gershon Feder (World Bank), Richard Just (University of Maryland), and Andrew Schmitz, Quarterly Journal of Economics (March): 317-28, 1980. 
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2nd Place, Iddo Sarnat Award of Journal of Banking and Finance
"How does Foreign Entry Affect Domestic Banking Markets, " Asli Demirguc-Kunt,Stijn Claessens (World Bank), Harry Huizinga, Journal of Banking and Finance 25(5), April 2001. 



Best Contributed Paper Award, International Association of Agricultural Economists, International Association of Agricultural Economists, XXIV Conference 2000
"The Green Revolution and the Productivity Paradox: Evidence from the Indian Punjab," Rinku Murgai (World Bank), Agricultural Economics 25, 2001.


Global Development Network 2000, First Place Medal for Research Theme: Escaping Poverty
"Sources of Ethnic Inequality in Viet Nam," Dominique van de Walle (World Bank) & Dileni Gunewardena (University of Peradineya), Journal of Development Economics 65, 2001. 
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Best Paper Award, Southern Finance Association
"Capital Structures in Developing Countries,” Asli Demirguc-Kunt (World Bank), V. Aivazian, L. Booth, V. Maksimovic,  Journal of Finance 56(1), 2001.


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