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Household Survey to Conduct Micro-Credit Impact Studies: Bangladesh

Authors:Shahidur R. Khandker
Topics:Financial Sector

Survey conducted by Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) and the World Bank. The survey's main focus was to provide data for an analysis of three major credit programs (Grameen Bank, Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, and the Rural Development-12 program of the Bangladesh Rural Development Board). 

It covered both villages from each of the programs under study as well as villages where no lending took place. The survey included 1,798 households randomly drawn from 87 villages of 29 thanas in rural Bangladesh. These households from 87 villages of 29 thanas were surveyed first in 1991/92, and then revisited in 1998/99. Further details available (pdf file, 11kb)

Note: The questionnaire components are PDF files; the datasets of survey results, by years, are zipped STATA/dta files. We apologize for the poor quality of the older, scanned, documents.

 For help with the data please contact: Hussain Samad,

1991/92 survey


1998/99 survey

Questionnaire (pdf file, 278kb)
Codes (pdf file, 1,428kb)
 Cover (pdf file, 8kb)
Variables list (pdf file, 27kb)
Codes/explanation of variables (pdf file, 27kb)
Household roster (pdf file, 14kb)
Individuals' information (pdf file, 19kb)
Village information (pdf file, 22kb)
Asset ownership (pdf file, 18kb)
Education (pdf file, 16kb)
Wage employment (pdf file, 82kb)
Food/nonfood consumption (pdf file, 22kb)
Credit and savings (pdf file, 40kb)
Transfers and remittances (pdf file, 26kb)
Distress handling(pdf file, 28kb)
Marriages and pregnancy(pdf file, 22kb)

Data sets:
  Round 1 data (zipped file, 2.2mb)
  Round 2 data (zipped file, 2.2mb)
  Round 3 data (zipped file, 1.6mb)
  Village data (zipped file, 0.1mb)


 Data sets:
 Household roster (zipped file, 52kb)
 Individuals' information (zipped file, 400kb)
 Village information (zipped file, 20kb)
 Asset ownership (zipped file, 212kb)
 Education (zipped file, 123kb)
 Employment (zipped file, 107kb)
 Income (zipped file, 316kb)
 Farm activity (zipped file, 208kb)
 Non-farm activity (zipped file, 134kb)
 Expenses (zipped file, 510kb)
 Credit and savings (zipped file, 540kb)
 Transfers and remittances (zipped file, 193kb)
 Distress handling (zipped file, 69kb)
 Marriages and pregnancy (zipped file, 171kb)















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