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2006 Journal Articles

  Journal articles by World Bank Development Research Group staff. Please note that articles are often available only to journal subscribers. 

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2006 Journal Articles




Ainsworth, Martha, and Deon P. FilmerInequalities in Children’s Schooling: AIDS, Orphanhood, Poverty, and GenderWorld Development 34: 1099-1128
Alderman, Harold H., John Hoddinotty, and Bill KinseyLong term consequences of early childhood malnutritionOxford Economic Papers 58: 450-474
Alderman, Harold H., and Jere BehrmanReducing the Incidence of Low Birth Weight in Low-Income Countries Has Substantial Economic BenefitsWorld Bank Research Observer 12: 25-48
Alderman, Harold H., Joseph Konde-Lule, Isaac Sebuliba, Donald A. P. Bundy, and Andrew HallEffect on weight gain of routinely giving albendazole to preschool children during child health days in Uganda: cluster randomised controlled trialBritish Medical Journal: 1-5
Alderman, Harold H., and Trina S. HaqueCountercyclical safety nets for the poor and vulnerableFood Policy 31: 372-383
Alderman, Harold H., Hans Hoogeveen, and Mariacristina RossiReducing child malnutrition in Tanzania: Combined effects of income growth and program interventionsEconomics and Human Biology 4: 1-23
Anderson, Kym, William J. Martin, and Ernesto ValenzuelaThe Relative Importance of Global Agricultural Subsidies and Market AccessWorld Trade Review 5: 1-23
Anderson, Kym, William J. Martin, and Dominique Van DermensbruggheWould Multilateral Trade Reform Benefit Sub-Saharan Africa?Journal of African Economies 15: 1-23
Anderson, Kym, and Ernesto ValenzuelaThe World Trade Organization’s Cotton Initiative: Two Complementary Opportunities to Boost African Cotton Investment, Incomes and Exports.Africa Journal: 21-26
Anderson, K., William J. Martin, and D. Van Der MensbruggheDistortions to World Trade: Impacts on Agricultural Markets and IncomesReview of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 28(2), Summer 2006 28: 1-23
Azzarri, Carlo, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, and Alberto ZezzaMonitoring Poverty without Consumption Data: an Application Using the Albania Panel SurveyEastern European Economics 44: 59-82
Beck, Thorsten, and Asli Demirguc-KuntSmall and Medium-Size Enterprises: Access to Finance as a Growth ConstraintJournal of Banking and Finance 30: 2931-2943
Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Ross LevineBank Concentration, Competition, and Crises: First ResultsJournal of Banking and Finance 30: 1581-1603
Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, and Vojislav MaksimovicThe Influence of Financial and Legal Institutions on Firm SizeJournal of Banking and Finance 30: 2995-3015
Beck, Thorsten, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Luc Laeven, and Vojislav MaksimovicThe Determinants of Financing ObstaclesJournal Of International Money And Finance 25: 932-952
Beck, ThorstenInstitution Building and Growth in Transition EconomiesJournal of Economic Growth 11: 157-186
Beegle, Kathleen G., Rajeeva Dehejia, and Roberta V. GattiChild Labor and Agricultural ShocksJournal Of Development Economics 81: 80-96
Berger, Allen, and Gregory UdellA More Complete Conceptual Framework for Financing of Small and Medium EnterprisesJournal of Banking and Finance 30: 2945-2966
Biggs, Tyler, and Manju ShahAfrican Small and Medium Enterprises, Networks, and Manufacturing PerformanceJournal of Banking and Finance 30: 3043-3066
Buys, Piet, Kenneth M. Chomitz, Susmita Dasgupta, Uwe Deichmann, Bjorn Larson, Craig Meisner, Jostein Nygard, Kiran Pandey, Nat Pinnoi, and David R. WheelerThe Economics of Regional Poverty-Environment Programs: An Application For Lao PDRJournal Of Policy Modeling 28: 811-824
Carletto, Gero, and Alberto ZezzaBeing Poor, Feeling Poorer: Combining Objective and Subjective Measurements of Welfare in AlbaniaJournal of Development Studies 42: 739-760
Carletto, Gero, Benjamin Davis, Marco Stampini, and Alberto ZezzaA Country on the Move: International Migration in Post-Communist AlbaniaInternational Migration Review 40: 767-785
Chaudhury, Nazmul, Jeffrey S. Hammer, Michael Kremer, Karthik Muralidharan, and F. Halsey RogersMissing in Action: Teacher and Health Worker Absence in Developing CountriesJournal of Economic Perspectives 20: 91-116
Claessens, Stijn, and Leora KlapperInsolvency Laws around the World: A Statistical Analysis and Rules for their DesignCESifo DICE Report 4: 9-15
Clarke, George R., and Scott WallstenHas the Internet Increased Trade? Developed and Developing Country EvidenceEconomic Inquiry 44: 465-484
Clarke, George R., Robert J. Cull, and Maria Soledad Martinez PeriaForeign Bank Participation and Access to Credit across Firms in Developing CountriesJournal of Comparative Economics 34: 774-795
Clarke, George R., Robert J. Cull, and Maria Soledad Martinez PeriaDoes Foreign Bank Penetration Reduce Access to Credit in Developing Countries? Evidence from Asking BorrowersJournal of Comparative Economics 34: 774-795
Clarke, George R.The Effect of Privatization and Government Policy on Competition in Transition EconomiesCorporate Ownership and Control 3: 37-45
Cull, Robert J., Lance E. Davis, Naomi R. Lamoreaux, and Jean-Laurent RosenthalHistorical Financing of Small- and Medium-Size EnterprisesJournal of Banking and Finance 30: 3017-3042
de Walque, DamienThe socio-demographic legacy of the Khmer Rouge period in CambodiaPopulation Studies 60: 223-231
Das Gupta, MonicaCultural versus Biological Factors in explaining Asia’s ‘Missing Women’: response to OsterPopulation And Development Review 32: 328-332
Das Gupta, Monica, Michele Gragnolati, Caryn Bredenkamp, Yi-Kyoung Lee, and Meera ShekarICDS and Persistent Undernutrition: Strategies to Enhance the ImpactEconomic and Political Weekly: 1193-1201
Dasgupta, Susmita, Jong Ho Hong, Benoit Laplante, and Nlandu MamingiDisclosure of Environmental Violations and Stock Market in the Republic of KoreaEcological Economics 58: 759-777
Dasgupta, Susmita, Craig Meisner, and Nlandu MamingiPesticide Traders Perception of Health Risks: Evidence from BangladeshAsian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics 6: 71-86
Dasgupta, Susmita, Hua Wang, and David R. WheelerPublic Disclosure: A Tool for Controlling PollutionWorld Bank Research Digest 1: 7-8
Deichmann, Uwe, and Somik V. LallAre You Satisfied? Citizen Feedback and Delivery of Urban Services World Development
Deichmann, Uwe, D. Balk, G. Yetman, F. Pozzi, S.I. Hay, and A. NelsonDetermining Global Population Distribution: Methods, Applications and DataAdvances in Parasitology 62: 1-20
Deininger, Klaus W., and Songqing JinTenure Security and Land Related Investment: Evidence from EthiopiaEuropean Economic Review 50: 1245-1277
Demirguc-Kunt, Asli, Inessa Love, and Vojislav MaksimovicBusiness Environment and the Incorporation DecisionJournal of Banking and Finance 30: 2967-2993
Dollar, David R., Mary C. Hallward-Driemeier, and Taye Alemu MengistaeInvestment Climate and International IntegrationWorld Development 34: 1498-1516
Elbadawi, Ibrahim Ahmed, Taye Alemu Mengistae, and Albert G. ZeufackMarket access, supplier access, and Africa's manufactured exports: A firm level analysis Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 15: 493-523
Feder, GershonThe Role of Opinion Leaders in the Diffusion ofNew Knowledge: The case of Integrated Pest ManagementWorld Development 34: 1287-1300
Feenstra, Robert, and Hiau Looi KeeTrade Liberalization and Export Variety: A Comparison of Mexico and ChinaThe World Economy: 0-0
Ferreira, Francisco H. G., Phillippe George Leite, Julie Litchfield, and Gabriel UlysseaAscenção e Queda da Desigualdade de Renda no BrasilEconômica 8: 149-171
Filmer, Deon P.Gender and wealth disparities in schooling: Evidence from 44 countriesInternational Journal of Educational Research 43: 351-369
Gauri, Varun, and Evan LiebermanBoundary Institutions and HIV/AIDS Policy in Brazil and South AfricaStudies in Comparative International Development 41: 47-73
Gawande, Kishore, and Bernard M. HoekmanLobbying and US Agricultural PolicyInternational Organization 60: 1
Ghuman, Sharon, Jere R. Behrman, Socorro Gultiano, Graeme Armecin, Isabelita Bas, Paulita Duazo, Elizabeth M. King, and Nanette LeeEarly Childhood Development: A Review of Findings from a Longitudinal Study in the PhilippinesEast Asian Economic Perspectives
Hallward-Driemeier, Mary C., Scott Wallsten, and L. Colin XuOwnership, investment climate and firm performance: Evidence from Chinese firms  Economics of transition 14: 629-647
Hallward-Driemeier, Mary C., David R. Dollar, and Taye Alemu MengistaeInvestment Climate and International IntegrationWorld Development 34: 1498-1516
Hoekman, Bernard M., Joe Francois, and Miriam ManchinPreference erosion and multilateral trade liberalization World Bank Economic Review 20: 197-216
Hoff, KarlaDiscrimination, Social Identity, and Durable InequalitiesAmerican Economic Review 96: 206-211
Ianchovichina, Elena, and William J. MartinTrade Impacts of China’s World Trade Organization AccessionAsian Economic Policy Review 1: 46-66
J. Considine, Timothy, and Donald F. LarsonThe environment as a factor of productionJournal of Environmental Economics and Management 52: 645-662
Kee, Hiau Looi, Marcelo Olarreaga, and Peri SilvaMarket Access for SaleJournal of Development Economics: 1-16
Khemani, StutiLocal Government Accountability for Health Service Delivery in NigeriaJournal of African Economies 15: 285-312
Klapper, Leora, Luc Laeven, and Inessa LoveCorporate Governance Provisions and Firm Ownership: Firm-Level Evidence from Eastern EuropeJournal of International Money and Finance 25: 429-444
Klapper, LeoraThe Role of Factoring for Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises Journal of Banking and Finance 30: 3111-3130
Lall, Somik V., and Uwe DeichmannFiscal and Distributional Implications of Property Tax Reforms in Indian CitiesEconomic and Political Weekly: -
Lall, Somik V., Ajay Suri, and Uwe DeichmannHousehold savings and residential mobility in informal settlements Urban Studies 43: 1-15
Lall, Somik V.Infrastructure and Regional Growth: Growth Dynamics and Policy Relevance for IndiaAnnals of Regional Science
Larson, Donald F., and Mauricio LeonHow endowments, accumulations and choice determine the geography of agricultural productivity in EcuadorWorld Bank Economic Review 20: 449-471
Loevinsohn, Benjamin, Rathavuth Hong, and Varun GauriWill more inputs improve the delivery of health services? Analysis of district vaccination coverage in PakistanInternational Journal Of Health Planning And Management 21: 1-10
Lokshin, Michael M., and Elena GlinskayaPrivate-public wage differential and sectoral choice decision in IndiaJournal of International Development 18: 1-23
Lokshin, Michael M., and Stefano PaternostroRobustness of Subjective Welfare Analysis in a Poor Developing Country: Madagascar 2001Journal Of Development Studies 42: 559-591
Lokshin, Michael M., and Ruslan G. YemtsovDistributional and Welfare Implications of the Military Draft: Micro-Level Evidence from Russia (in Russian)Voprosy Economiki 1: 87-103
Lokshin, Michael M.Women’s Labour Force Participation and Child Care in RomaniaJournal of Development Studies 42: 90-109
Lokshin, Michael M.Semi-parametric difference-based estimation of partial linear regression modelsStata Journal 6: 377-383
Lokshin, Michael M.On the Utility Consistency of Poverty LinesReview of Income and Wealth 52: 399-421
Mattoo, AadityaMeasuring Services Trade Liberalization and its Impact on Economic Growth: An Illustration, with Randeep Rathindran and Arvind Subrmanian.Journal Of Economic Integration 21: 64-98
Mattoo, AadityaHow Health Insurance Impedes Trade in Healthcare.Health Affairs 25: 358-368
Mattoo, Aaditya, and Sumanta ChaudhuriThe General Agreement on Trade in Services: Implications for Health PolicymakersHealth Affairs 23: 137-145
McKenzie, DavidThe consumer response to the Mexican Peso crisisEconomic Development and Cultural Change 55: 139-172
McKenzie, DavidDo entry costs provide an empirical basis for poverty traps? Evidence from Mexican microenterprises Economic Development and Cultural Change 55: 3-42
Mengistae, Taye Alemu, David R. Dollar, and Mary C. Hallward-DriemeierInvestment Climate and International IntegrationWorld Development 34: 1498-1516
Milanovic, Branko L.Inequality and determinants of earnings in Malaysia, 1984-97Asian Economic Journal 20: 191-216
Milanovic, Branko L.Global income inequality: what it is and why it mattersWorld Economics 7: 131-153
Milanovic, Branko L.An estimate of average income and inequality in Byzantium around year 1000Review of Income and Wealth 52: 360-375
Milanovic, Branko L.Economic integration and income convergence: not such a strong link? Review of Economics and Statistics 88: 659-670
Milanovic, Branko L.La desigualidad mundial de la renta: que es y que es importantePrincipios 5: 35-56
Newhouse, David, and Kathleen G. BeegleThe Effect of School Type on Academic Achievement: Evidence from IndonesiaJournal of Human Resources 43: 529-557
Pender, John, and Marcel FafchampsLand Lease Markets and Agricultural Efficiency in EthiopiaJournal of African Economies 15: 251-284
Pitt, Mark, Shahidur Khandker, and Jennifer CartwrightEmpowering Women with Micro Credit: Evidence from BangladeshEconomic Development and Cultural Change 54: 791-832
Porto, GuidoUsing Survey Data To Assess the Distributional Effects of Trade PolicyJournal Of International Economics 
Raddatz, Claudio E.Liquidity needs and vulnerability to financial underdevelopmentJournal Of Financial Economics 80: 677-722
Rao, VijayendraBook Review of Twenty-First Century IndiaPopulation And Development Review: -
Ravallion, Martin, and Dominique Van De WalleLand Reallocation in an Agrarian TransitionThe Economic Journal 116: 924-942
Reinikka, Ritva S., and Jakob SvenssonUsing Micro Surveys to Measure and Explain CorruptionWorld Development 34: 359-70
Schiff, MauriceNorth-South and South-South trade-related technology diffusion: an industry-level analysis of direct and indirect effects.Canadian Journal of Economics 39: 831-844
Schmukler, Sergio, and Esteban VesperoniFinancial Globalization and Debt Maturity in Emerging EconomiesJournal Of Development Economics 79: 183-207
Serven, Luis, and Peter MontielMacroeconomic stability: how much is enough?World Bank Research Observer 21: 151-178
Stifel, David, and Harold H. AldermanThe ‘‘Glass of Milk’’ Subsidy Program and Malnutrition in PeruWorld Bank Economic Review 20: -
Suryadarma, Daniel, Asep Suryahadi, Sudarno Sumarto, and F. Halsey RogersImproving Student Performance in Public Primary Schools in Developing Countries: Evidence from IndonesiaEducation Economics 14: 401-29
Tarr, David, Jesper Jensen, and Thomas RutherfordThe Impact of Liberalizing Barriers to Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Russian Accession to the World Trade OrganizationReview Of Development Economics 0: 0-0
Tarr, David, Jesper Jensen, and Thomas RutherfordTelecommunications Reform within Russia's accession to the WTO Eastern European Economics 44: 25-58
Wagstaff, AdamThe Economic Consequences of Health Shocks: Evidence from VietnamJournal of Health Economics 26: 82-100
Wang, ShuilinImproving the effectiveness of the public finance in a harmonious societyChina 21rst Century Economic Journal: 0-
Wheeler, David R., Susmita Dasgupta, Kirk E. Hamilton, and Kiran D. PandeyAir Pollution During Growth: Accounting for Governance and VulnerabilityWorld Development 34: 1597-1611
Wheeler, David R.Review: Trade and the Environment: Theory and EvidenceEconomic Development And Cultural Change 54
Xu, L. Colin, M. Gao, Li Gan, and Y. YaoHealth Shocks, Village Governance, and Farmers' Income CapacitiesChina Population Science: 21-32
Xu, L. Colin"health shocks, village governance and farmers' income capabilitiesChinese journal of population science 2006: 21-32
Yao, Yang, and Ang SunImpact of Major Illnesses on Family Educational InvestmentWorld Economic Papers (Shijie Wenhui) 2006: 26-36
Zou, Heng-Fu, L. Colin Xu, and George R. ClarkeFinance and Income Equality: What Do the Data Tell Us?Southern Economic Journal 72: 578-596

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