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Research Highlights (2005-2010)

This series of annual highlights report describes the activity of the World Bank's principal research unit—the Development Research Group within the Development Economics Vice Presidency (DEC). Each report offers a brief account of the activities of the group during the calendar year, a few highlights to illustrate the scope and nature of our research, and a comprehensive list of publications and new public-access datasets.

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ARH 2010 cover web2009 Annual Highlights Cover for landing pageResearch Highlights 2008 for main highlights landing page

Research Highlights 2010

Research Highlights 2009

Research Highlights 2008 

Research Highlights 2007 image for RH main landing pageResearch Highlights 2006 for main highlights landing pageResearch Highlights 2005 for main highlights landing page
Research Highlights 2007Research Highlights 2006Research Highlights 2005 

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