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Social Accounting Matrices for the Regions of Russia, 2001

Authors:David Tarr , Thomas F. Rutherford  and Jesper Jensen
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Report Number:WPS 4015



This database corresponds to the Russian economy in the year 2001. The database includes social accounting matrices for 88 “Oblasts” (the term “Oblasts” is used not only for Oblasts but also for Republics, Territories, Federal Cities, Autonomous Regions, and Autonomous Districts). For each Oblast, there is a matrix with data for production, consumption and intermediate use of commodities and services, and for bilateral trade with other regions and the rest of the world. The economy in each oblast is represented by 30 industrial sectors producing commodities and services.

These social accounting matrices are compiled from a number of data sources. The most important includes the input-output table for Russia for the year 2001, data from the publication the “Regions of Russia” with data on 88 regions of Russia, and exports and imports by sector and region.  Although all source data are from Rosstat, the compilation into social accounting matrices is due to the authors and is not available from Rosstat. It is necessary to modify the original source data in order to assure accounting consistency of a social accounting matrix. Given the generally less reliable quality of the original export and import data, we allowed these data to adjust the most in the balancing process. Thus, our regional export and import data should not be considered reflective of the original Rosstat data.

The database is used in “Regional Impacts of Russia’s Accession to the World Trade Organization”, by Thomas Rutherford and David Tarr (World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 4015, September 2006). This paper also describes the construction of the database.

Background paper:
Compiling the Disaggregated version of "input-output tables" on the Russian Federation for 1995 year for consequent use as a basic data for building the general equilibrium model for the Russian Federation, S.P. Baranov, 2000  (89kb)

Documentation of the database is provided below together with the files containing the database. Financial support for this work has been provided by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development and the World Bank.

Access to Dataset
  • Regional SAMS with aggregate interregional trade (zipped file, 8mb)

  • Documentation of Social Accounting Matrices for the Regions of Russia (pdf file, 26kb)

  • Russian Input-Output table for 1995 - bilingual (consumer prices, billions of rubles)(MS Excel file, 37k)

  • Regional SAMs with detailed interregional trade - bilingual (zipped file, 45mb)

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