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Research Briefs

Research briefs are backed up by full studies and longer research papers available on program sites.

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2014 Briefs

JANUARYThe Impact of High School Financial Education: Large-Scale Experimental Evidence from Brazil (PDF)
Miriam Bruhn, Luciana Leão, Arianna Legovini, Rogelio Marchetti, and Bilal Zia

2013 Briefs

Fall 2013Expanding Social Insurance Coverage in Urban China
John Giles, Dewen Wang, and Albert Park

Are Poor Slum-Dwellers Willing to Pay for Formal Land Title? Evidence from Dar es Salaam
Daniel Ayalew Ali, Matthew Collin, Klaus Deininger, Stefan Dercon, Justin Sandefur, Andrew Zeitlin


Are Mega-Farms the Future of Global Agriculture?
Exploring the Farm Size-Productivity Relationship for Large Commercial Farms in Ukraine

Klaus Deininger, Denys Nizalov, and Sudhir K. Singh


Why is voluntary financial education so unpopular? Evidence from Mexico
Miriam Bruhn, Gabriel Lara Ibarra and David McKenzie


A Helping Hand or the Long Arm of the Law? Do carrots or sticks work best for bringing informal firms into the formal sector? 
Gustavo Henrique de Andrade, Miriam Bruhn, and David McKenzie 


Harnessing Emotional Connections to Improve Financial Decisions: Evaluating the Impact of Financial Education through Mainstream Media
Gunhild Berg and Bilal Zia


Lessons for Matching Grant Programs from Failed Attempts to Evaluate Them
Francisco Campos, Aidan Coville, Ana Fernandes, Markus Goldstein, and David McKenzie

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2012 Briefs

Women's Inheritance Rights and Intergenerational Transmission of Resources in India
Granting daughters equal coparcenary birth rights in joint family property significantly increases their likelihood to inherit land.


Going Digital: Credit Effects of Land Registry Computerization in India
Interventions which reduce the cost of updating land registries and make information more available to lenders (i.e., computerization) can increase credit access.


Business Training for New and Existing Female-Owned Firms in Sri Lanka
Suresh de Mel, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff


The Impact of Financial Literacy Training for Migrants and their Families
Yoko Doi, David McKenzie and Bilal Zia


Community-Driven Development, Participation, and Inequality: What Does the Evidence Say?
Ghazala Mansure and Vijayendra Rao

SUMMERRetirement Behavior among China’s Older Workers
John Giles, Dewen Wang, and Wei Cai

What Are the Health Effects of Universal Health Care?
Adam Wagstaff and Wanwiphang Manachotphong


Financial Development and Inclusion in Kenya  
Bob Cull


Navigating the Perplexing Web of Trade Policy Indicators 
Chad P. Bown and Daniel Lederman


The Impact of Financial Literacy Training for Migrants at Destination 
John Gibson, David McKenzie and Bilal Zia


Using the WTO to Keep South-South Trade Flowing Lessons from Antidumping 
Chad P. Bown and Daniel Lederman


Research Highlight: Trade Facilitation and Economic Growth
John S. Wilson

MARDo Informal Firms Want to Formalize and Does It Help Them If They Do?
Suresh de Mel, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff

Long-Term Impacts of One-Off Grants to Microenterprises
Suresh de Mel, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff

AUGThe Impact of Commitment Savings Accounts: The Case of Malawi
Xavier Gine

Radio Access and Service Delivery in Benin
Philip Keefer and Stuti Khemani


Trends in Adult Mortality around the Developing World
Damien de Walque and Deon Filmer


Summary: Financial Structure and Economic Development Conference, June 2011
Bob Cull


Capital, Gender, and Microenterprise Growth in Ghana
Marcel Fafchamps, David McKenzie, Simon Quinn and Christopher Woodruff


The Impact of Business and Financial Literacy Training for Young Entrepreneurs in Bosnia-Herzogovina 
Miriam Bruhn and Bilal Zia


An Agenda for Aid Effectiveness and Trade 
Benjamin J. Taylor and John S. Wilson


Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment and Risky Sexual Behaviors
Damien de Walque, Harounan Kazianga, and Mead Over


Spurring Development through a Seasonal Migration Program
John Gibson and David McKenzie 

OCTThe Global Financial Crisis Led to a Drop in Business Creation
Leora Klapper

The Black Hole of Pakistan: Are billions of dollars of U.S. aid going to waste?
Jishnu Das (Foreign Policy Magazine)

SEPReform and Regional Integration of Professional Services in East Africa
by Nora Dihel, Ana Margarida Fernandes, Aaditya Mattoo, and Nicholas Strychacz
SEPFinancial Access and the Crisis
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt
AUGAid for Trade: An Action Agenda Looking Forward
Bernard Hoekman and John S. Wilson
JULInternational Monetary Fund Unveils its Online Database on Financial Access
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt
JUNEInfrastructure and Growth
Luis Serven
MAYResilience to External Crises 
Sergio Schmukler
MAYThe Impact of Mobile Money Transfers in Kenya
Robert Cull
MAYUsing Biometric Technology in Rural Credit Markets: The
Case of Malawi

Xavier Giné
MAYImproving Management in India
Nick Bloom, Benn Eifert, Aprajit Mahajan, David McKenzie and John Roberts
SPRINGHow Financial Crises in Donor Countries Affect Aid
Steve Knack and Halsey Rogers
MARTurning Research Into Practice: Evaluating the Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers in Burkina Faso 
Damien de Walque
MARTaking Stock of Finance and Private Sector Research in 2009: Relevance, Quality, and Impact 
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt
JANCan Informal Finance Substitute for Formal Finance? 
Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Meghana Ayyagari, and Vojislav Maksimovic

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DECTurning Research Into Practice: Measuring Absence of Teachers and Medical Providers
Halsey Rogers

Aid and Trust in Country Systems: Obstacles to Achieving Paris Declaration Targets
Stephen Knack

NOVEntrepreneurship and Growth
Leora Klapper and Inessa Love
NOVToxic Waste from Obsolete Pesticides—A Growing Threat in Developing Countries
Susmita Dasgupta, Brian Blankespoor, Walid Dhouibi, Abdelaziz Lagnaoui, Craig Meisner, and Hassine Ben Salah
OCTThe Economic Impact of Expanding Access to Finance in Mexico
Miriam Bruhn and Inessa Love
SEPTurning Research Into Practice: Health Reform in China
Adam Wagstaff
SEPThe Results of a Pilot Financial Literacy and Business Planning Training Program for Women in Uganda
David McKenzie and Michaela Weber
SEPThe International Financial Crisis: Have the Rules of Finance Changed?
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt and Ouarda Merrouche
JULYBack to Global Imbalances?
Augusto de la Torre, Sergio Schmukler, and Luis Servén
JUNDo Marginal Firms in Bolivia Benefit from Formalizing?
David McKenzie and Yaye Seynabou Sakho
MAY Managing Systemic Crises
Miriam Bruhn
MAY The Use of Bankruptcy in the Resolution of Corporate Distress 
Leora Klapper
MAY Evaluating the Efficiency of a Bankruptcy Reform 
Xavier Giné and Inessa Love
MAY Valuing Financial Literacy: Evidence from Indonesia 
Bilal Zia, May
APR The Crisis and Beyond: Why Trade Facilitation Matters 
Benjamin J. Taylor and John S. Wilson
APR As SAFTA Gains New Momentum, Trade Facilitation Should Remain Key Priority
Benjamin J. Taylor and John S. Wilson
APR Why is More Capital Not Enough to Grow Female Businesses?
David McKenzie
MAR Measurement, Promotion and Impact of Access to Financial Services
Robert Cull
FEB Political Incentives Driving Fiscal Policy
Stuti Khemani and Waly Wane
FEBWhich Microenterprises have High Returns to Capital?
David McKenzie
FEB The Preference for Sons Does Not Always Decrease with Development
Deon Filmer, Jed Friedman, and Norbert Schady
FEBDoes Business Registration Reform Increase Entrepreneurial Activity?
Miriam Bruhn
FEB Public Opinion Influences the Level and Effectiveness of Foreign Aid
Pamela Paxton and Stephen Knack
JAN Financial Stability and Access: The Importance of Financial Literacy
Leora Klapper and Bilal Husnain Zia
JAN Are All the Sacred Cows Dead? Implications of the Financial Crisis for Macro and Financial Policies
Asli Demirgüç-Kuntx

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DEC Fiscal Policy Responses to the Current Financial Crisis: Issues for Developing Countries
Aart Kraay and Luis Servén
NOVThe Ongoing Financial Crisis
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt 
NOVNew Data on New Business Creation in 100 Countries
Leora Klapper, Juan Manuel Quesada Delgado, and Anat Lewin 
OCT Spite and Development: Altruistic Punishment vs. Spiteful Punishment
Karla Hoff 
SEP The Promise of Index Insurance
Xavier Giné
SEP Does Community Monitoring Improve Public Services? Diverging Evidence from Uganda and India
Stuti Khemani 

Public Health in Chad: Connecting Spending and Results
Waly Wane

JULMicrofinance Meets the Market
Robert J. Cull, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, and Jonathan Morduch
MAY Armed Conflict and Schooling: Long-term Evidence from Cambodia and Rwanda
Damien de Walque 
APR  Rural to Urban Migration in China: How Do Migrant-Sending Communities Benefit?
Alan de Brauw and John Giles
MARUsing Surveys to Measure Households' Access to and Use of Financial Services
Bob Cull and Patrick Honohan  
MAR Determinants of a Digital Divide in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Cell Phone Coverage
Piet Buys, Susmita Dasgupta, Tim Thomas, David Wheeler  
MAR Investing Back Home: Return Migration and Business Ownership in Albania
Calogero Carletto,Talip Kilic, Benjamin Davis, and Alberto Zezza   


Informality among Formal Firms and Access to External Finance
Roberta Gatti and Maddalena Honorati
JAN New Experimental Evidence on Returns to Capital in Microenterprises
David McKenzie
JANImproving Nutritional Status through Behavioral Change: Lessons from Madagascar
Emanuela Galasso and Nithin Umapathi

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DECCorruption in Small Business Fixed Investments: The Case of Indian Manufacturers
Maddalena Honorati and Taye Mengistaex

Infant Mortality over the Business Cycle in the Developing World
Sarah Baird, Jed Friedman, Norbert Schady

OCT Democracy by Other Means? Legalizing Demand for Social and Economic Rights in the Developing World
Varun Gauri
OCTCountry Stakes in Climate Change Negotiations
Craig Meisner and Uwe Deichmann
SEP Entrepreneurship and Firm Formation across Countries
Leora Klapper


Climate Change: The Final Blow for Agricul ture in Africa?
Ariel Dinar
MAY Poverty, Social Divisions, and Conflict in Nepal
Quy Toan Do, Lakshmi Iyer
APR China’s “Missing Girls”—Son Preference or Hepatitis B Infections?
Monica Das Gupta

(in Chinese)

MAR New Evidence on the Urbanization of Global Poverty
Martin Ravallion, Shaohua Chen, and Prem Sangraula
FEB Youth and Citizenship
Varun Gauri and Mattias Lundberg 
FEB Migration, Sex Bias and Human Capital Investment: Evidence from Rural Pakistan
Ghazala Mansuri
JAN Inefficient Lobbying, Populism, and Oligarchy
Francisco H.G. Ferreira and Filipe R. Campante 

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Cushioning the Effects of Health Shocks on Households
Adam Wagstaff
(in Chinese)

DEC Fiscal Decentralization in China—Potential Next Steps
Chunli Shen and Heng-fu Zou
(in Chinese)
DEC Are There Lasting Impacts of Aid to Poor Areas? Evidence from Rural China
Shaohua Chen, Ren Mu, and Martin Ravallion
DEC Road Upgrading and Trade Expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa
Uwe Deichmann

The Effects of Donor Fragmentation on Bureaucratic Quality in Aid-Recipient Countries
Steve Knack
(in Arabic, Chinese)

NOV Local Inequality and Project Choice
Caridad Araujo, Francisco H.G. Ferreira, Peter Lanjouw, and Berk Ozler
OCT Discordant Couples and HIV/AIDS Transmission in Five African Countries
Damien de Walque
Chinese, French)

Land Reallocation in an Agrarian Transition
Martin Ravallion and Dominique van de Walle

AUG Superstition, Family Planning and Human Development
Quy-Toan Do and Tung Duc Phung 
AUG Investing in Early Childhood Development
Harold Alderman and Elizabeth M. King
(in Chinese, Spanish)
JUN Orphanhood, Poverty, and School Enrollment
Martha Ainsworth and Deon Filmer
MAR In Quest of Institutions that Promote Fiscal Discipline
Stuti Khemani
FEB A New Look at Quality of Medical Care in Low-Income Countries
Jishnu Das
Do Macroeconomic Crises Affect Schooling and Child Health? Evidence from Peru
Norbert Schady
OCTMissing in Action: Teacher and Medical Provider Absence in Developing Countries
F. Halsey Rogers

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