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Trade and Production, 1976-1999

Authors:Alessandro Nicita
Web Address:Trade Research

NOTE: The Trade and Production database has been updated:
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Trade Production and Protection 1976-2004 

This version of the Trade and Production database contains trade, production and tariff data for 67 developing and developed countries at the industry level over the period 1976-1999. The sector disaggregation in the database follows the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) and is provided at the 3 digit level (28 industries) for 67 countries and at the 4 digit level (81 industries) for 24 of these countries. The sources of the production data are the CD-ROM versions of UNIDO’s Industrial Statistics Database at the 3 and 4 digit level of the ISIC classifications. It includes data on value added, total output, average wages, capital formation, number of employees, number of female employees, and number of firms. The source of the trade data is United Nations Statistics Department’s Comtrade database (through World Bank’s World Integrated Trade Solultion (WITS) software) and it includes imports and exports. Mirror exports (reported by other trading partners) were obtained using WITS. Trade data is aggregated by region and income levels according to World Bank’s definitions. A separate dataset is provided as well that includes bilateral trade flows (by partner) at the industry level. The sources of MFN average tariffs are UNCTAD’s Trains database and WTO’s Trade Policy Reviews and Integrated Data Base (IDB). An input-output table using data from GTAP 4 is also provided for each country.  The database is provided on an "as is" basis.  The construction of this database has been funded by the World Bank's Research Support Budget and the Export Promotion Thematic Group.

The data files presented below are compressed, and presented in self-extracting executable format. The database is available on CD-ROM in a series of ASCII files and Microsoft Excel worksheets, by request.  Please send us any suggestions, comments or errors that you have found to Alessandro Nicita.
Bilateral Trade Flows 
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 (cvs file, 17.7mb)        (cvs file, 21.6mb)       (cvs file, 21.4mb)


Access to Dataset
  • Trade and Production database (MS Excel file, data3digit, 23.2mb)

  • Trade and Production database (cvs file, totalregion, 500kb)

  • Input/Output tables (zipped self-executing file, 400kb)

  • Trade and Production database (cvs file, data3digit, 10.6mb)

  • Concordances (zipped self-executing file, 100kb)

  • Trade and Production database (cvs file, data4digit, 8.8mb)

  • Trade and Production database (MS Excel file, data4digit, 23.2mb)

  • Trade and Production paper (pdf file, 72kb)

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