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Trade, Production and Protection, 1976-2004

Authors:Alessandro Nicita  and Marcelo Olarreaga
Web Address:Trade Research

Nicita, A. and M. Olarreaga, "Trade, Production and Protection 1976-2004", World Bank Economic Review 21(1). 2006.

The Trade Production and Protection Database merges trade flows, production and trade protection data available from different sources into a common classification: the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC), Revision 2. Data availability varies, but the database potentially covers 100 developing and developed countries over the period 1976-2004. This database updates the earlier release made available in Nicita and Olarreaga (2001). 

The database is provided on an "as is" basis. Please send any suggestions, comments or errors that you have found to Alessandro Nicita c/o  To access the older 1976-1999 trade and production database click here.

Bilateral Trade data (zipped files, 20mb each):   #1,   #2,   #3,   #4,   #5

Access to Dataset
  • Trade Production and Protection database, revised 7-27-06 (zipped files, 5mb)

  • Data availability tables (100kb, two XLS files)

  • Import Demand Elasticities (csv file, 269kb)

  • Paper describing database, variables, and data availability (pdf file, 83kb)

  • Gravity type variables and Concordances (zipped files, 1mb)

  • Input-Output tables (zipped file, 1mb)

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