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2005 Journal Articles

  Journal articles by World Bank Development Research Group staff. Please note that articles are often available only to journal subscribers. 


2005 Journal Articles




Asli Demirguc-KuntLaw and Firms' Access to Finance.American Law and Economics Review 7: 211-252
Asli Demirguc-KuntFinancial and Legal Constraints to Firm Growth: Does Firm Size Matter?Journal Of Finance 60: 137-177
Augusto de la TorreCoping with Risks Through Mismatches: Domestic and International Financial Contracts for Emerging Economies.                                                         International Finance 7: 1-42
Damien de WalqueSelective Mortality During the Khmer Rouge Period in CambodiaPopulation and Development Review 31: 351-368
David R. WheelerWhere is the Poverty-Environment Nexus? Evidence from Cambodia, Lao PDR and VietnamWorld Development 33: 617-638
Emanuela GalassoDecentralized Targeting of an Anti-Poverty Program.Journal Of Public Economics 89: 705-722
F. Halsey RogersTeacher Absence in India: A SnapshotJournal of the European Economic Association 3: 658-667
Francis K. T. NgProduction Disintegration and Integration of Central Europe into Global Markets.International Review Of Economics and Finance 14:  377-390
Gabriel DemombynesCrime and Local Inequality in South Africa.Journal Of Development Economics 72: 265-292
Harold H. AldermanChild Growth, Shocks, and Food Aid in Rural EthiopiaAmerican Journal Of Agricultural Economics 87: 273-288
Hiau Looi KeeProductivity or Endowment? Sectoral Evidence of Hong Kong's Aggregate Growth.Asian Economic Journal 19: 51-81
Hiau Looi KeeTrade, Capital Accumulation and Structural Unemployment: An Empirical Study of the Singapore Economy.Journal Of Development Economics 77: 125-152
Ibrahim Ahmed ElbadawiReviving Growth in the Arab WorldEconomic Development And Cultural Change 53:   293-326.
Ioannis N. KessidesPublic versus Private Regulated Infrastructure: An Empirical AssessmentPrivatization Barometer 1:   1-20
Ioannis N. KessidesInfrastructure, Privatization and Regulation: Promises and PerilsWorld Bank Research Observer 20:   81-108
Jakob SvenssonFighting Corruption to Improve Schooling: Evidence from a Newspaper Campaign in UgandaJournal Of European Economic Association 3: 259-67
Karla HoffPolitical alternation, regardless of ideology, diminishes influence buying: Lessons from transitions in former communist states (with Shale Horowtiz and Branko Milanovic).Policy Outlook: 1-6
Kathleen G. BeegleThe Impact of Adult Mortality and Parental Deaths on Schooling in Northwestern TanzaniaJournal of Development Studies 41: 412-439
Kym AndersonSetting the Trade Policy Agenda: What Role for EconomistsJournal Of World Trade 39: 341-381
L. Colin XuPolitician Control, Agency Problems, and Ownership Reform: Evidence from ChinaEconomics Of Transition 13:  1-24
L. Colin XuMedals in Transition: Explaining Medal Performance and Inequality of Chinese ProvincesJournal of Comparative Economics    33: 158-172
Leora KlapperBankruptcy around the World: Explanations of its Relative UseAmerican Law and Economics Review 7:      253-283
Martin RavallionOn Measuring Aggregate ‘Social Efficiency. Economic Development And Cultural Change 53: 273-292
Martin RavallionRich and Powerful? Subjective Power and Welfare in Russia.Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization 56: 141-195
Monica Das GuptaImproving Child Nutrition?: the Integrated Child Development Services in IndiaDevelopment & Change 36:   613-640
Robert J. CullBank Lending to Small Businesses in Latin America: Does Bank Origin Matter?Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 37: 83-118
Robert J. CullDeposit Insurance and Financial Development.Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 37: 43-82
Robert J. CullThe Impact of Bank Privatization and Foreign Entry on Access to Credit in Argentina's Provinces.Journal Of Banking & Finance 29: 5-29
Robert J. CullBank Lending to Small Businesses in Latin America: Does Bank Origin Matter?Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 37: 83-118
Roberta V. GattiFamily Altruism and IncentivesScandinavian Journal of Economics 1: 67-81
Somik V. LallIndustrial Location and Spatial Inequality: Theory and Evidence from India.Review Of Development Economics 9: 47-68
Somik V. LallDo localization economies matter in cluster formation? Questioning the conventional wisdom with data from Indian metropolises.Environment And Planning A 37: 331-353
Stuti KhemaniDemocracy, Public Expenditures, and the PoorWorld Bank Research Observer 20:    1-27

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