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Effective Development Assistance (dataset from Measuring Aid Flows)

Authors:Luis Serven
Non-Bank Author:Charles C. Chang, Eduardo Fernandez-Arias
Web Address:Macroeconomics and Growth
Topics:Macroeconomic & Economic Growth
Report Number:WPS2050

Charles C. Chang, Eduardo Fernandez-Arias and Luis Serven, "Measuring Aid Flows: A New Approach," Policy Research Working Paper #2050, World Bank, 1998.

Data Set Description
The files included in this database contain the conventional and the adjusted measures of official development assistance to a set of 133 countries between 1975 and 1995. The principal component of the data set is Effective Development Assistance (EDA), an aggregate measure of aid flows combining total grants and the grant equivalents of all official loans.

EDA is computed on a loan-by-loan basis to reflect the financial cost the creditor incurs in making loans on concessional terms. Data on this as well as all other variables contained in these files are formally presented in the cited report above..

Three files are included in this data set: EDA.xls, BEDA.xls and MEDA.xls. BEDA.xls aggregates annual flows from all bilateral donors. MEDA.xls aggregates annual flows from all multilateral donors. EDA.xls shows the total from all official sources, which is equal to the sum of BEDA and MEDA for the same variables. The data set is organized by recipient country and year. A more detailed description of variables and files is in the "readme" file (txt file, 9.5kb) which is also included in compressed database files.

Access to Dataset
  • Database (self-extracting zipped file, 826kb)

  • Database (zipped file, 826kb)

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