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Gender Disparity in South Asia: Comparisons Between and Within Countries Dataset

Authors:Deon P. Filmer  and Elizabeth M. King
Topics:Agriculture & Rural Development, Education, Health, Nutrition & Population, Poverty and Rural Development
Report Number:WPS1867

Publication date:  January 1, 1998

While gender disparities in health and education outcomes are higher on average in South Asian than in other countries, the large within country differences in gender disparity, between Indian states or Pakistani provinces, demand more local explanations.

Using data assembled from the Demographic Health Surveys of over 50 countries and from the National Family Health Surveys of individual states in India, Filmer, King, and Lant Pritchett create a new data set of comparable indicators of gender disparity.

Their findings are summarized in the associated Working Paper of the same title.

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  • Dataset (zipped Stata/dta file, 31kb)

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