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Investing in Infrastructure

Authors:Marianne Fay  and Tito Yepes Delgado
Report Number:WPS3102

Fay and Yepes estimate demand for infrastructure services over the first decade of the new millennium based on a model that relates demand for infrastructure with the structural change and growth in income the world is expected to undergo between now and 2010. It should be noted that predictions are based on estimated demand rather than on any absolute measure of “need” such as those developed in the Millenium Development Goals. The authors also provide estimates of associated investment and maintenance expenditures and predict total required resource flows to satisfy new demand while maintaining service for existing infrastructure.

Publication date: July 17, 2003

Note: Authors' dataset makes reference to another from David Canning's work, which is no longer available at the cited webpage.  This dataset can be found on Mr. Canning's faculty webpage at Harvard School of Public Health.

Access to Dataset
  • Dataset (MS Exceln file, 259kb)

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