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A Cross-Country Database for Sector Investment and Capital

Authors:Rita Butzer , Yair Mundlak  and Donald F. Larson
Non-Bank Author:Al Crego
Topics:Rural Development
Report Number:WPS2013

Larson, Donald, Al Crego, R. Butzer and Y. Mundlak, "A new database on investment and capital for agriculture and manufacturing", World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Number 2013, November 1998.

In this paper, the authors document a new database on sectoral investment and capital, providing details about sources of investment data and the method used to convert those data series into capital stock series. They also provide a copy of the computer program used to implement the method. The data set is available for electronic distribution below (published March 31, 2003). They broadly define agricultural capital and calculate series for fixed capital as well as capital embodied in livestock and treestock.

Access to Dataset
  • Dataset (MS Excel file, 628kb)

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