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Armed Conflict 1946-2001

Non-Bank Author:Nils Petter Gleditsch, Margareta Sollenberg, and Peter Wallensteen
Web Address:The Economics of Civil War, Crime and Violence

Nils Petter Gleditsch, Peter Wallensteen, Mikael Eriksson, Margareta Sollenberg & Håvard Strand, 2002. ‘Armed Conflict 1946–2001: A New Dataset’, Journal of Peace Research 39(5): 615–637,

A zipped file including a country-year version of the dataset in Stata (monadic.dta) and ASCII format (monadic.txt) is posted here, along with a codebook, a text version of the data, and a list of unclear conflict cases. The country-year version reports the incidence of various types of conflict for each year and each conflict. The text version lists all the conflicts in the dataset, reporting type and location of conflict, intensity level for each year of activity, and names of the opposition organizations.
The conflict dataset is based on the dataset from Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, extended to cover the entire period 1946-2001. The work has been done in collaboration with the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo.

The armed conflict dataset is regularly updated, and the most recent version is available at the data project’s website Here you can also find other compilations of the dataset (other file formats, dyadic data for interstate conflicts, and an Access database containing all this information).

Access to Dataset
  • Dataset (zipped file, 244kb)

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