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World Business Environment Survey (WBES)

Authors:Daniel Kaufmann  and Andrew H. W. Stone
Web Address:World Business Environment Survey (WBES) Dataset

The World Business Environment Survey (WBES) is a survey of over 10,000 firms in 80 countries and one territory conducted in 1999-2000 that examines a wide range of interactions between firms and the state. Based on face-to-face interviews with firm managers and owners, WBES is designed to generate comparative measurements in such areas as corruption, judiciary, lobbying, and the quality of the business environment, which can then be related to specific firm characteristics and firm performance.

Final WBES dataset (XLS format, 11.23mb)      |     Compressed WBES dataset (Zip format, 2.2mb)
Definition of variables (PDF format, 18kb)

Updated data of a similar nature may be found at the Enterprise Analysis Unit, which now serves as the centralized unit for such information.

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