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Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth: An Empirical Investigation Dataset

Non-Bank Author:Wiliam R. Easterly, and Sergio T. Rebelo
Web Address:Macroeconomics and Growth
Topics:Macroeconomic & Economic Growth

Easterly, William and Sergio Rebelo, "Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth: an Empirical Investigation", 1993, Journal of Monetary Economics 32 (3): 417-58.

Abstract of Paper
This paper describes the empirical regularities relating fiscal policy variables, the level of development, and the rate of growth. The authors employ historical data, recent cross- section data, and newly constructed public investment series. Their main findings are: (i) there is a strong association between the development level and the fiscal structure: poor countries rely heavily on international trade taxes, while income taxes are only important in developed economies; (ii) fiscal policy is influenced by the scale of the economy, measured by its population; (iii) investment in transport and communication is consistently correlated with growth; (iv) the effects of taxation are difficult to isolate empirically.

Data Set Description
The data for the paper is provided as Lotus-1-2-3 (.wk1) and corresponding TSP (.h or .fmt) files. It is organized in three files, as found below.

Access to Dataset
  • Dataset description and variable definitions (pdf file, 112kb)

  • Dataset (zipped self extracting file, 309kb)

  • Dataset (zipped file, 293kb)

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