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Public Sector Deficits and Macroeconomic Performance Dataset

Non-Bank Author:William Easterly, Carlos Alfredo Rodriguez, and Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel (eds.)
Web Address:Macroeconomics and Growth
Topics:Macroeconomic & Economic Growth

"Statistical appendix", Public Sector Deficits and Macroeconomic Performance, edited by W. Easterly, C. A. Rodriguez, and K. Schmidt-Hebbel in 1994.

This data set presents annual data on public sector deficits, the monetary sector, and the financial sector for a large and varying sample of member countries of the OECD and developing countries. It includes an in-depth examination of eight countries - Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Morocco, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe. These cases are analyzed within a comprehensive theoretical framework elaborated for the study and in conjunction with cross-country data from a larger set.
 It includes the following variables and periods: 

  • Consolidated Public Sector Surplus or Deficit, 1970-90 
  • Seignorage, 1965-89
  • Inflation Rates, 1965-90
  • Real Interest Rates, 1965-89
  • Taxes from Financial Repression in Ten Countries, 1980-89

Access to Dataset
  • Dataset (zipped self extracting file, 98kb)

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