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Bureaucrats in Business: The Economics and Politics of Government Ownership Dataset

Duration:1971 - 1971
Topics:Industry, Private Sector and Public Sector Governance

World Bank. 1995. Bureaucrats in Business: The Economics and Politics of Government Ownership. A World Bank policy research report. Washington DC: World Bank . 

The report examines the economic problems that arise when governments own and operate enterprises that could be managed by the private sector. It draws on a rich dataset and detailed country case studies to provide the most comprehensive assessment yet of a decade of divestiture and reform of state-owned enterprises

The Report Team

The report team was led by Mary Shirley. The principal co-authors were Ahmed Galal and Mary Shirley; Philip Keefer was the principal author of chapter 4. Sections draw heavily on work by Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Ross Levine (finance), Alan Gelb and I.J. Singh (transition economies), and Hafeez Shaikh (management contracts). Bharat Nauriyal compiled the statistical appendix and provided research assistance. Other assistance was provided by Abdalla Gergis, Rebecca Hife and Clemencia Torres. Herbert Baer wrote box 2.9, Gerard Caprio wrote box 5.3, and David Wheeler wrote box 1.3. The report was produced under the direction of Lyn Squire and Michael Bruno

Lawrence MacDonald was the principal editor. The editorial-production team for the report was led by Jenepher Moseley; with additional help from Luke Haggarty, Audrey Heiligman, and Bill Moore. Polly Means produced the graphics. Alfred Imhoff provided additional editorial advice. The support staff team was led by Zeny Kranzer and included Daniele Evans, Bill Moore, and Paulina Sintim-Aboagye.

The Report Team has made the broad database available to interested parties accessing this site. The database provides time series data on key variables describing state-owned enterprise sectors (e.g. value added, investment, employment, debt) for approximately 40 countries for 1971 through 1991.

The database is zipped and can be downloaded directly to your computer. Once downloaded and unzipped, the data is accessed by the World Bank's Socioeconomic Time-series Access and Retrieval System (*STARS*). This user-friendly system allows the user to view and manipulate the data and to export the data selection into other computer programs, including LOTUS 1-2-3(TM), Javelin Plus(TM), Aremos(TM), or to any programs that read ASCII characters.  (Once the files are unzipped, use the STARS.BAT file to access the data.)

Access to Dataset
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