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Papua New Guinea - Service Delivery Survey (Education)

Authors:Deon P. Filmer
Web Address:Service Delivery Surveys
Topics:Education and Governance

This survey is part of a multi-country pilot study which combines surveys of primary schools with household and other micro surveys to assess service delivery systems in education, measure performance, and establish a baseline for examining the impact of policy and institutional reforms over time. The survey covered 214 schools in 19 districts across 8 provinces (out of a total of 20 in the country), with two provinces selected in each of the four main regions. Most schools were surveyed between April and May 2002.

The survey used a series of instruments for collecting data at different levels.

Instruments at the school level:

  • School survey
  • Grade 5 teacher survey
  • Board of Management survey
  • Parent survey
Instruments at the district/provincial level:
  • District Education Administrator (DEA) survey
  • Provincial Education Adviser (PEA) survey
An instrument for nearby health centers:
  • Health facility survey
Access to Dataset
  • Interviewer manual, concept note, list of documents and questionnaires (zipped file, 549kb)

  • Full report with annexes (zipped file, 816kb)

  • Full report by chapters (zipped file, 1.65mb)

  • Database basic information (zipped file, 260kb)

  • Database (zipped Stata/dta file, 656kb)

  • Annexes only (zipped file, 359kb)

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