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Database of Political Institutions 2012 (updated Jan. 2013)

Authors:Philip E. Keefer
Web Address:Research on Macroeconomics and Growth
Report Number:WPS2283

Users of the database should cite Thorsten Beck, George Clarke, Alberto Groff, Philip Keefer, and Patrick Walsh, 2001. "New tools in comparative political economy: The Database of Political Institutions." 15:1, 165-176 (September), World Bank Economic Review.

Users of the variables Checks or Polarization should cite Philip Keefer and David Stasavage (2003). "The Limits of Delegation: Veto Players, Central Bank Independence and the Credibility of Monetary Policy." American Political Science Review (August).

Dataset covers years 1975-2012.

DPI2012.xls (4.5mb) This version of the 2012 database is a conversion from Stata, and is included for the convenience of some users. While we expect that the conversion is accurate, we nevertheless recommend the use of the original Stata file (below) whenever possible.
Access to Dataset
  • Database of Political Institutions 2012 - updated January 2013 (STATA dta file, 4mb)

  • Database of Political Institutions 2012 - updated January 2013 (compressed STATA, 350kb)

  • DPI 2012 codebook (pdf file, 133kb)

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