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Research Datasets

These datasets were compiled for World Bank research and are provided free of cost to foster the creation of new knowledge. If you use one of these datasets, please include appropriate attribution to the Development Research Group, World Bank, and the link 

The surveys and methods program leads the World Bank effort in production, analysis and dissemination of data through methodological research, tool development, technical assistance and capacity building.
Tools | Surveys

 Agriculture and Rural Development 
 Environment and Energy 
 Finance and Private Sector Development
 Human Development and Public Services
 Macroeconomics and Growth
 Poverty and Inequality
 Trade and International Integration 
See also the Development Research Microdata Catalog










For comprehensive national and international statistics, including large multi-country time series with hundreds of variables, as well as global statistical programs, please visit our partner site:




Platform for automated economic analysis.
Comparative Living Standards Project.
Online poverty analysis tool.
Poverty Analysis Toolkit 
Stata programs for poverty dynamic analysis.
 Software for Poverty Mapping 
Preparing poverty maps for cities, towns, or villages using the Small Area Estimation techniques.

Toolkit for Informality Scenario Analysis
A spreadsheet-based toolkit that allows researchers and practitioners to project the size of formal and informal labor in almost 100 countries yearly















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