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2004 Journal Articles

  Journal articles by World Bank Development Research Group staff. Please note that articles are often available only to journal subscribers. 

2004 Journal Articles

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Aart C. Kraay

Governance Matters III -- Governance Indicators for 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2002.

World Bank Economic Review                

Aart C. KraayTrade, Growth and Poverty.Economic Journal 
Adam Wagstaff, Flavia Bustreo, Jennifer Bryce, Mariam ClaesonChild Health: Reaching the Poor.American Journal Of Public Health 94: 726-36
Asli Demirguc-KuntMarket Discipline and Deposit Insurance.                                                 Journal Of Monetary Economics 51: 513-548
Asli Demirguc-KuntBank Competition and Access to Finance: International Evidence. Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 36: 627-648
Asli Demirguc-KuntRegulations, Market Structure, Institutions, and the Cost of Financial Intermediation.Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 36: 593-622
Asli Demirguc-KuntBank Concentration and Competition: An Evolution in the Making.Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 36: 433-654
Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Luc Laeven, Luc Laeven, Ross LevineRegulations, Market Structure, Institutions, and the Cost of Financial Intermediation.Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 36
Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Thorsten BeckSMEs, Growth and Poverty Alleviation.Viewpoint
Beata SmarzynskaDoes Foreign Direct Investment Increase the Productivity of Domestic Firms? In Search of Spillovers through Backward Linkages, forthcoming.American Economic Review 
Beata SmarzynskaComposition of Foreign Direct Investment and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Transition Economies.European Economic Review 48
Bernard M. HoekmanAgricultural Tariffs or Subsidies: Which Are More Important for Developing Economies?World Bank Economic Review 18: 175-204
David R. Wheeler, Hua WangEnvironmental Performance Rating and Disclosure: China's Greenwatch Program. Journal of Environmental Management 
David R. Wheeler, Hua WangFinancial Incentives and Endogenous Enforcement in China's Pollution Levy System.Journal Of Environmental Economics And Management 47
Dominique Van De WalleTesting Vietnam’s Public Safety Net.Journal Of Comparative Economics 32: 661-679
Dominique Van De Walle, Dorothyjean CrattyIs the Emerging Non-Farm Market Economy the Route Out of Poverty in Viet Nam?Economics Of Transition 12: 237-274
Dominique Van De Walle, Martin RavallionBreaking up the Collective Farm: Welfare Outcomes of Viet Nam’s Massive Land Privatization.Economics Of Transition 12: 201-236
Elena IanchovichinaEconomic impacts of China’s Accession to the World Trade Organization.World Bank Economic Review 18: 3-28
Francis K. T. NgExport Profiles of Small Landlocked Countries: What are their Implications for Lesotho.The South African Journal of Economics 72: 153-186
George R. ClarkeThe Effect of Enterprise Ownership and Foreign Competition on Internet Diffusion in the Transition Economies.Comparative Economic Studies 46: 341-370
George R. Clarke, L. Colin XuPrivatization, Competition and Corruption: How Characteristics of Bribe Takers and Payers Affect Bribe Payments to Utilities. Journal Of Public Economics 88: 2067-2097
Gershon Feder, Rinku Murgai, Jaime B. QuizonSending Farmers Back to School: The Impact of Farmers Fiels schools in Indonesia.Review Of Agricultural Economics 
Hanan JacobyMonopoly Power and Distribution in Fragmented Markets: The Case of Groundwater.Review Of Economic Studies 78: 783-808
Harold H. Alderman, Luc ChristiaensenChild Malnutrition in Ethiopia: Can Maternal Knowledge Augment the Role of Income?Economic Development And Cultural Change 52: 287-312
Heng-Fu ZouThe Impact of Decentralisation on Service Delivery, Corruption, Fiscal Management and Growth in Developing and Emerging Market Economies: A Synthesis of Empirical Evidence.CESifo Dice Report 2: 10-14
Hiau Looi KeeMarkups, Entry Regulation and Trade: Country Size Matters.Contributions to Macroeconomics, Berkeley Electronics Journal 4
Hiau Looi KeeOn the Measurement of Product Variety in Trade.American Economic Review 94: 145-149
Hiau Looi KeeEstimating Productivity When Primal and Dual TFP Accounting Fail: An Illustration Using Singapore's Industries.Topics in Economic Analysis & Policy, Berkeley Electronics Journal 4
Hiro Kawai, Richard S. Newfarmer, Sergio SchmuklerFinancial Crises: Nine Lessons from East Asia.Eastern Economic Journal 0: 0-0
Hua Wang, Dale WhittingtonMeasuring individuals' valuation distributions using a stochastic payment card approach.Ecological Economics 
Hua Wang, David R. WheelerFinancial Incentives and Endogenous Enforcement in China's Pollution Levy System.Journal Of Environmental Economics And Management 
Hua Wang, Jun Bi, David R. Wheeler, Jinnan Wang, Dong Cao, Genfa Lu, Yuan WangEnvironmental Performance Rating and Disclosure: China’s GreenWatch Program. Journal Of Environmental Management 
Inessa LoveFinancial Development and Intersectoral Allocation: A New Approach.Journal Of Finance 59: 2785-2807
Jeffrey S. HammerGhost Doctors: Absenteeism in Bangladeshi Health Facilities.World Bank Economic Review 18: 423-441
Jeffrey S. Hammer, Mark GersovitzThe Economical Control of Infectious Diseases.The Economic Journal 114: 1-27
Jishnu Das, Jeffrey S. HammerStrained Mercy: Quality of Medical Care in Delhi.Economic and Political Weekly 39: 951-961
Karla HoffAfter the Big Bang? Obstacles to the Emergence of the Rule of Law in Post-Communist Societies.American Economic Review 94: 753-763
Klaus W. DeiningerInvestment and equity effects of land regularisation: The case of Nicaragua.Agricultural Economics 30: 101-116
L. Colin XuNew Tools for Studying Network Industry Reforms in Developing Countries: The Telecommunications and Electricity Regulation Database.Review Of network economics 
L. Colin XuInstitutions, Ownership, and Finance: The Determinants of Investment among Chinese Firms.Journal Of Financial Economics 
L. Colin XuState-owned Enterprises Going Public: The Case of China.Economics Of Transition
L. Colin XuThe Impact of Privatization and Competition in the Telecommunications Sector Around the World.Journal Of Law and economics 
L. Colin XuAgency Theory and Executive Compensation: The Case of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises.Journal Of Labor economics 
Lemma W. SenbetDeposit Insurance and Financial Development.Journal Of Money Credit And Banking
Leora Klapper, Allen Berger, Allen Berger, Iftekhar HasanFurther Evidence on the Link between Finance and Growth: International Analysis of Community Banking and Economic Performance.Journal Of Financial Services Research 
Leora Klapper, Victor Sulla, Victor Sulla, Dimitri Vittas                  The Development of Mutual Funds around the World.Emerging Markets Review 5: 1-38
Luc Laeven, Stijn ClaessensWhat Drives Bank Competition? Some International Evidence.Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 
Marcel FafchampsIncreasing Returns and Market Efficiency in Agricultural Trade.Journal Of Development Economics 
Marco SorgeDeposit Insurance and Financial Development.Journal Of Money Credit And Banking
Maria Soledad Martinez PeriaHow Foreign Participation and Bank Concentration Impact Bank Spreads: Evidence from Latin America. Journal Of Money Credit And Banking 36: 511-537
Marina HalacDistributional Effects of Crises: The Financial Channel.Economia - Journal of the Latin American and the Caribbean Economic Association 5: 1-67
Martin RavallionWho is Protected from Budget Cuts?.Journal Of Policy Reform 7: 109-122
Martin RavallionHousehold Income Dynamics in Two Transition Economies.Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics 8
Martin RavallionAssisting the Transition from Workfare to Work: A Randomized Experiment.Industrial & Labor Relations Review 58: 128-142
Martin RavallionSocial Protection in a Crisis: Argentina’s Plan Jefes y Jefas.World Bank Economic Review 18: 367-399
Mattias K. A. Lundberg, Thorsten Beck, Giovanni MajnoniFinancial Intermediary Development and Growth Volatility: Do Intermediaries Dampen or Magnify Shocks?.Journal Of International Money And Finance
Maureen L. CropperTraffic Fatalities and Economic Growth (forthcoming).Accidents Analysis and Prevention 0: 0-0
Maureen L. CropperThe Demand for a Malaria Vaccine: Evidence from Ethiopia.Journal Of Development Economics 75: 303-318
Maureen L. CropperDoes the Value of a Statistical Life Vary with Age and Health Status? Evidence from the US and Canada.Journal Of Environmental Economics And Management 48: 769-792
Michael M. LokshinRich and Powerful? Subjective Power and Welfare.Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization 
Michael M. LokshinHousehold child care choices and women's work behavior in Russia.Journal Of Human Resources 39: 1094-1115
Michael M. LokshinWage Differentials between the State and the Private Sector in Moscow.Review Of Income And Wealth 1: 107-123
Michael M. LokshinShort-Lived Shocks with Long-Lived Impacts? Household Income Dynamics in a Transition Economy.Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics 8
Michael M. LokshinMaximum-likelihood Estimation of Endogenous Switching Regression Models.Stata Journal 4: 227-234
Michael M. LokshinThe Effect of Early Childhood Development Programs on Women’s Labor Force Participation and Older Children’s Schooling in Kenya.Journal Of African Economies 13: 111-137
Michael M. LokshinRich and Powerful? Subjective Power and Welfare.Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization 
Michael M. Lokshin, Ruslan G. YemtsovCombining Longitudinal Household and Community Surveys for Evaluation of Social Transfers: Infrastructure Rehabilitation Projects in Rural Georgia.Journal of Human Development 5: 32-47
Michael M. Lokshin, Ruslan G. YemtsovHousehold Strategies for Coping with Poverty and Social Exclusion in Post-Crisis Russia.Review Of Development Economics 8: 15-32
Michael WoolcockHealth by Association? Social Capital, Social Theory, and the Political Economy of Public Health. International Journal Of Epidemiology 33: 650-667
Michael WoolcockWhy and How Planners Should Take Social Capital Seriously. The American Planning Association 70
Michael WoolcockExploring Social Capital Debates at the World Bank.Journal Of Development Studies 40: 33-64
Michael WoolcockSolutions When the Solution is the Problem: Arraying the Disarray in Development.World Development 32: 191-212
Monica Das Gupta, Helene Grandvoinnet, Mattia RomaniState-community synergies in community-driven development.Journal Of Development Studies 40: 27-58
Nina PavcnikTrade Liberalization and Industry Wage Structure: Evidence from Brazil.World Bank Economic Review 18: 319-344
Norbert SchadyDo Macroeconomic Crises Always Slow Human Capital Accumulation?World Bank Economic Review 18: 131-54
Paul GlewweEconomic Growth and the Demand for Education: Is There a Wealth Effect?Journal Of Development Economics 74: 33-51
Peter F. LanjouwOn the Unequal Inequality of Poor Communities.World Bank Economic Review 18: 401-421
Peter F. LanjouwRural Nonfarm Employment in India: Access, Incomes, and Poverty Impact.Economic and Political Weekly 39
Peyvand KhaleghianDecentralization and Public Services: The Case of Immunization.Social Science & Medicine 59: 163-183
Philip E. Keefer, Stuti KhemaniWhy do the Poor Receive Poor Services? Economic and Political Weekly 39: 935-43
Ritva S. ReinikkaMaking Services Work for Poor People.Journal Of African Economies 13: 142-166
Ritva S. Reinikka, Jakob SvenssonLocal Capture: Evidence from a Central Government Transfer Program in Uganda.Quarterly Journal Of Economics 119: 679-705
Robert Feenstra, Hiau Looi KeeOn the Measurement of Product Variety in Trade.American Economic Review 94: 145-149
Roberta V. GattiFamily Altruism and Incentives. Scandinavian Journal of Economics 
Roberta V. GattiExplaining Corruption: Are Open Countries Less Corrupt?Journal Of International Development 
Sergio SchmuklerFinancial Globalization: Gain and Pain for Developing Countries.Economic Review - Atlanta Fed 0: 0-0
Somik V. LallAgglomeration Economies and Productivity in Indian Industry. Journal Of Development Economics 73: 643-673
Somik V. LallTenure, Diversity and Commitment: Community Participation for Urban Service Provision.Journal Of Development Studies 40: 1-26
Somik V. Lall, Zmarak Shalizi, Uwe DeichmannAgglomeration Economies and Productivity in Indian Industry.Journal Of Development Economics 73: 643-673
Steve KnackForeign Aid, Institutions and Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.Economic Development and Cultural Change 52: 255-86
Steve KnackDoes Foreign Aid Promote Democracy?International Studies Quarterly 48: 251-266
Stuti KhemaniPolitical Cycles in a Developing Economy: Effect of Elections in the Indian States.Journal Of Development Economics 73: 125-54
Taye Alemu MengistaeExport Orientation and Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa.Imf Staff Papers 51
Taye Alemu MengistaeAgency Theory and Executive Compensation: the Case of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises.Journal Of Labor Economics 22
Uwe Deichmann, Marianne Fay, Jun Koo, Somik V. LallEconomic Structure, Productivity, and Infrastructure Quality in Southern Mexico.Annals Of Regional Science 38: 1-25
Varun GauriSeparating Financing from Provision: Evidence from Ten Years of Partnership with Health Cooperatives in Costa Rica.Health Policy And Planning 19: 292-301
Varun GauriSocial Rights and Economics: Claims to Health Care and Education in Development Countries.World Development 32: 465-77
Varun GauriVouchers for Basic Education in Developing Countries: An Accountability Perspective.World Bank Research Observer 19: 259-80
Vijayendra RaoWedding Celebrations as Conspicuous Consumption: Signaling Social Status in Rural India.Journal Of Human Resources 39: 0-30
Vijayendra RaoCommunity Based (and Driven) Development: A Critical Review.World Bank Research Observer 19: 1-39
Vijayendra RaoThe Politics of Public Good Provision: Evidence from Indian Local Governments.Journal Of The European Economic Association 2: 416-426
William J. MartinCommercial policy, bindings and market access.European Economic Review 48: 665-679
Xavier GineEvaluation of Financial Liberization: A General Equilibrium Model with Constrained Occupation Choice.Journal Of Development Economics 74: 269-307

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