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Edited Volumes

Edited volumes by researchers in the Development Research Group.

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Kim, Uljoong, Hojun Lee, and Ilya Somin, eds. 2017. Eminent Domain: A Comparative Perspective. Cambridge University Press, April.


Hoff, Karla, Samuel Bowles, and Steven Durlauf, eds. 2016. Poverty Traps.  Princeton University Press.

Demirguc-Kunt, Asli, Douglas D. Evanoff, and George G. Kaufman, eds. The Future of Large Internationally Active Banks. World Scientific Studies in International Economics: Volume 55. September. New Jersey: World Scientific Publishing Co., September 2016.

Deliberation and Development:  Rethinking the Role of Voice and Collective Action in Unequal Societies
Edited by Patrick Heller and Vijayendra Rao
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2015


Losing Your Land: Dispossession in the Great Lakes
Edited by An Ansoms and Thea Hilhorst
James Currey, October 2014

The Impacts of Biofuels on the Economy, Environment, and Poverty: A Global Perspective
Edited by Govinda Timilsina and David Zilberman
Springer, 2014

Popular Representations of Development: Insights from Novels, Films, Television and Social Media
Edited by David Lewis, Dennis Rodgers, Michael Woolcock
London: Routledge, 2014.


An African Green Revolution: Finding Ways to Boost Productivity on Small Farms
Edited by Keijiro Otsuka and Donald F. Larson 
Dordrecht: Springer, 2013

Emerging Issues in Financial Development: Lessons from Latin America 
Edited by Tatiana Didier and Sergio L. Schmukler
Latin American Development Forum
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2013

Global Financial Development Report 2014: Financial Inclusion
Washington, DC: World Bank (November 2013)
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Land Tenure Reform in Asia and Africa: Assessing Impacts on Poverty and Natural Resource Management
Edited by Stein Holden, Keijiro Otsuka, and Klaus Deininger
Palgrave McMillan, August 2013

Risking Your Health: Causes, Consequences, and Interventions to Prevent Risky Behaviors
Edited by Damien de Walque
Human Development Perspectives
Washington, DC: World Bank, November 2013

Trade in Value Added: Developing New Measures of Cross-Border Trade 
Edited by Aaditya Mattoo, Zhi Wang, and Shang-Jin Wei
Centre for Economic Research and World Bank: Washington, DC, April 2013

The WTO Case Law of 2011: Part of The American Law Institute Reporters Studies on WTO Law
Edited by Chad P. Bown and Petros C. Mavroidis
Cambridge University Press, July 2013


Global Financial Development Report 2013
Washington, DC: World Bank, November 2012

Banking the World: Empirical Foundations of Financial Inclusion
Edited by Robert Cull, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, and Jonathan Morduch
MIT Press, December 2012

The Evidence and Impact of Financial Globalization
Edited by Gerard Caprio, Thorsten Beck, Stijn Claessens, and Sergio Schmukler
London: Elsevier Science Publishers, November 2012

The Impact of Services Liberalization on Industry Productivity, Exports and Development: Empirical Research in Transition Economies
Edited by David Tarr
Moscow: Ves Mir Publishers, August 2012

Legal Pluralism and Development: Scholars and Practitioners in Dialogue
Edited by Tamanaha, Brian Z., Caroline Sage, and Michael Woolcock
New York: Cambridge University Press, July 2012

Globalization and Inequality: The Globalization of the World Economy
Edited by Branko Milanovic
Elgar Research Collection
Cheltenham, UK • Northampton, MA, January 2012
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Exporting Services: A Developing Country Perspective
by Arti Grover Goswami, Aaditya Mattoo, Sebastian Saez
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2011

History, Historians and Development Policy: A Necessary Dialogue
Edited by Vijayendra Rao, Michael Woolcock, Christopher Bayly, and Simon Szreter
London: Manchester University Press, 2011

International Financial Crisis: Have the Rules of Finance Changed 
Edited by Asli Demirguc-Kunt, Douglas Evanoff, and George Kaufman 
Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific Publishing, 2011
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Managing Openness: Trade and Outward-Oriented Growth after the Crisis
Edited by Mona Haddad and Ben Shepherd
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2011

No Small Matter: The Impact of Poverty, Shocks, and Human Capital Investments in Early Childhood Development
Edited by Harold H. Alderman 
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2011

Preferential Trade Agreement Policies for Development: A Handbook
Edited by Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Jean-Christophe Maur
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2011

Special Economic Zones: Progress, Emerging Challenges,
and Future Directions
Edited by Thomas Farole and Gokhan Akinci
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2011

The Great Recession and Import Protection: The Role of Temporary Trade Barriers
Edited by Chad P. Bown
London: CEPR and World Bank, 2011

Trade Finance during the Great Trade Collapse 
Edited by Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Mariem Malouche
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2011
Unfinished Business? The WTO’s Doha Agenda
Edited by Will Martin and Aaditya Mattoo
London: CEPR and World Bank, 2011

Where to Spend the Next Million? Applying Impact Evaluation to Trade Assistance
Edited by Olivier Cadot, Ana M. Fernandes, Julien Gourdon, and Aaditya Mattoo 
London: World Bank, 2011


Maur, Jean-Christophe, and John S. Wilson, ed. 2010. Trade Costs and Facilitation: Open Trade and Economic Development. Edward Elgar Publisher.

Aksoy, M. Ataman, and Bernard Hoekman, eds. 2010. Food Prices and Rural Poverty. Washington, DC: World Bank; London: Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Carletto, Calogero, Benjamin Davis, and Paul Winters, eds. 2010. Migration, Transfers and Economic Decision Making among Agricultural Households. Special Issue of the Journal of Development Studies. London: Routledge Press.

Anderson, Kym, John Cockburn, and Will Martin, eds. 2010. Agricultural Price Distortions, Inequality and Poverty. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Cook, Jonathan A., Owen Cylke, Donald F. Larson, John D. Nash, and Pamela Stedman-Edwards, eds. 2010. Vulnerable Places, Vulnerable People: Trade Liberalization, Rural Poverty and the Environment. World Bank: Washington, DC.

Davis, Benjamin, Calogero Carletto, and Paul Winters, eds. 2010. "Migration, Transfers and Economic Decision Making among Agricultural Households." Special Issue of Journal of Development Studies 46(1).

Deininger, Klaus W., Clarissa Augustinus, Stig Enemark, and Paul Munro-Faure, eds. 2010. Innovations in Land Rights Recognition, Administration, and Governance. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Keefer, Philip E., and Norman V. Loayza, eds. 2010.  Innocent Bystanders: Developing Countries and the War on Drugs. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Loayza, Norman V., and Luis Serven, eds. 2010.  Business Regulation and Economic Performance. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Maur, Jean-Christophe, and John S. Wilson, eds. 2010. Trade Costs and Facilitation: Open Trade And Economic Development. Edward Elgar.






Amin, Samia, and Markus Goldstein 

Data Against Natural Disasters: Establishing Effective Systems for Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction. Washington, DC: World Bank.
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Anderson, Kym, and Alberto Valdes 

Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Latin America. Washington, DC: World Bank.
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Anderson, Kym, and Johan SwinnenDistortions to Agricultural Incentives in Europe’s Transition Economies. Washington, DC: World Bank.
Beck, Thorsten, and Asli Demirguc-KuntSymposium on Access to Finance. The World Bank Economic Review 22(3). 

Demirguc-Kunt, Asli, Edward Kane, and Luc Laeven

Deposit Insurance around the World: Issues of Design and Implementation. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

Dinar, Ariel, Rashid Hassan, Robert Mendelsohn, and James Benhin Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa: Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies. United Kingdom: Earthscan.
Elbadawi, Ibrahim AhmedA Symposium on Post-Conflict Transitions. A special issue of World Bank Economic Review 21(1).

Gauri, Varun, and Daniel Brinks

Courting Social Justice: Judicial Enforcement of Social and Economic Rights in the Developing World. Cambridge University Press.

Keefer, Philip E., and Norman V. Loayza Terrorism, Political Openness and Economic Development. Cambridge University Press. Order 
Mattoo, Aaditya, Robert M. Stern, and Gianni ZaniniA Handbook of International Trade in Services. Oxford University Press.
Rao, Vijayendra, Ravi Kanbur, and Gopal Kadekodi 

Development in Karnataka: Challenges of Equity, Governance and Empowerment. Delhi: Academic Foundation Press.

Wang, Shuilin, and Jiwei Lou

Public Finance in China: Reform and Growth for a Harmonious Society. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Woolcock, Michael, and Estanislao Gacitua-Mario 

Social Exclusion and Mobility in Brazil. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Yusuf, Shahid, and William Saint 

Accelerating Catch-up: Tertiary Education for Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Yusuf, Shahid, and Tony Saich 

China Urbanizes: Consequences, Strategies, and Policies. Washington, DC: World Bank.
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Yusuf, Shahid, Kaoru Nabeshima, and Shoichi YamashitaGrowing Industrial Clusters in Asia: Serendipity and Science. Washington, DC: World Bank. 
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Zhou, Guomei, and Hua Wang

Mainstreaming Environment in China. Beijing: China Environment Press.



Amin, Samia, Jishnu Das, and Markus Goldstein Are You Being Served? New Tools for Measuring Service Delivery. Washington, DC: World Bank.
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Lederman, Daniel, and William F. Maloney

Natural Resources, Neither Curse nor Destiny Washington, DC: World Bank: Stanford University: Stanford Press.

Schiff, Maurice, and Caglar Ozden

International Migration, Economic Development & Policy.Washington, DC: World Bank.

Winters, L. Alan, and Shahid Yusuf 

Dancing with Giants: China, India and the Global Economy. Washington, DC: World Bank.
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Schiff, Maurice, Andrew R. Morrison, and Mirja Channa Sjoblom

The International Migration of Women. Washington, DC: World Bank.



Carlo Azzarri, Gero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza  

Choosing to Migrate or Migrating to Choose: Migration and Labor Choice in Albania

Caroline Sage, Michael Woolcock  

Law, Equity and Development

David Tarr

Trade Policy and WTO Accession for Development in Russia and the CIS: a handbook

Anthony Bebbington, Michael Woolcock, Scott E. Guggenheim, Elizabeth Olson

The Search for Empowerment: Social Capital as Idea and Practice at the World Bank

Beata Smarzynska Javorcik and Bernard M. HoekmanInternational Technology Diffusion, Trade and Foreign Investment: Micro-Econometric Evidence, World Bank, CEPR. 
Marcelo Olarreaga and Bernard M. HoekmanGlobal Trade Liberalization and Poor Countries: Poverty Impacts and Policy Implications, Yale University Press and Institut d'Etudes Politiques.
Samuel Bowles, Steven Durlafuf, Karla Hoff Poverty Traps, Princeton University Press
Simon Evenette and Bernard M. HoekmanEconomic Development and Multilateral Trade Cooperation, Palgrave/McMillan



Bourguignon, Francois, Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Nora Lusting The Microeconomics of Income Distribution Dynamics in East Asia and Latin America. Washington, DC: World Bank.
Thomas W. Hertel and L. Alan Winters

Poverty and the WTO: Impacts of the Doha Development Agenda

Michael Finger and Julio J. Nogues

Safeguards and Antidumping in Latin American Trade Liberalization: Fighting Fire with Fire

Caglar OzdenInternational Migration, Remittances and the Brain Drain, Palgrave Macmillan.
David TarrTrade Policy and WTO Accession for Development in Russia and the CIS: A handbook, Ves Mir, Armenia 
Davidson R. GwatkinReaching the Poor with Health, Nutrition and Population Services: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why, World Bank.
Donald F. LarsonRural Development and Agricultural growth in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, Asia Pacific Press, Indonesia.
John S. WilsonThe WTO and technical barriers to trade, Edward Elgar Publishing.
Kym AndersonThe WTO and Agriculture   - Volume I, Edward Elgar.
Kym AndersonThe WTO's Core Rules and Disciplines, a two-volume set for the series of radings on Critical Perspectives on the Global Trading System, Edward Elgar.
Kym AndersonThe WTO and Agriculture - Volume II, Edward Elgar.
Kym Anderson and Will MartinAgricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda, Palgrave Macmillan.
Patrick Honohan Systemic Financial Distress: Containment and Resolution, Cambridge Univ Press.
Simon Evenette 

Economic Development and Multilateral Trade Cooperation, Palgrave/McMillan 

Subidey ToganTurkey: Economic Reform and Accession to the European Union, World Bank, CEPR, Turkey. 
James R. Barth, Gerard Caprio Jr., and Ross LevineRethinking Bank Regulation: Till Angels Govern. Cambridge Univ. Press.

Vijayendra Rao and Michael Walter, eds. Culture and Public Action, Stanford University Press, 2005.


Patrick HonohanTaxation of Financial Intermediation: Theory and Practice for Emerging Economies, Oxford Univ Press, All Countries
Jonathan Rodden and Gunnar Eskeland, and Jenny LitvackFiscal Decentralization and the Challenge of Hard Budget Constraints, M I T Press.
Patrick Honohan, J. Hanson and G. MajnoniGlobalization and National Financial Systems,Oxford Univ Press, All Countries
Steve KnackDemocracy, Governance and Growth, University of Michigan.



Asli Demirguc-Kunt "Deposit Insurance,"Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance University of Illinois, All Countries 
Bernard M. Hoekman, Aaditya Mattoo, Philip English Development, Trade and the WTO: A Handbook. 
Bernard M. Hoekman, Kym AndersonThe Global Trading System, vol 2: Core Rules and Procedures. 
Bernard M. Hoekman, Kym AndersonThe Global Trading System, Volume 3: Exceptions to the Core Rules; Volume 4: ‘New’ Issues for the WTO. 
Bernard M. Hoekman, Kym AndersonThe Global Trading System, Volume 4: ‘New’ Issues for the WTO. 
Bernard M. Hoekman, Kym AndersonThe Global Trading System, Volume 1: The Genesis of the GATT
Bernard M. Hoekman, Philip English, Aaditya MattooDevelopment, Trade and the WTO: A Handbook.
F. Halsey RogersWorld Bank Economists’ Forum, Volume 2. 
Patrick Honohan, Gerard Caprio, Dimitri VittasFinancial Sector Policy for Developing Countries - A Reader.

Bernard M. Hoekman, Will MartinDeveloping Countries and the WTO: A Pro-Active Agenda


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