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Indonesia Farmer Field School Study

Authors:Gershon Feder , Rinku Murgai  and Jaime B. Quizon
Web Address:
Duration:2003 - 2003
Topics:Agriculture & Rural Development and Education
Report Number:WPS3022

Feder, Gershon, Rinku Murgai, and Jaime Quizon,  "Sending Farmers Back to School - The Impact of Farmer Field Schools in Indonesia", World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Number 3022, May 2003. 

This dataset is presented with the kind permission of the Center for Agricultural Socio-Economic Research (CASER), Bogor, Indonesia 

Access to Dataset
  • Dataset I (STATA file, 41kb)

  • Dataset II (MS Excel file, 135kb)

  • Dataset I (MS Excel file, 219kb)

  • Code List (pdf file, 13kb)

  • Dataset II (STATA file, 28kb)

  • Dataset II (txt file, 26kb)

  • Dataset I (txt file, 50kb)

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