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Who We Are

Research Department

Director of Research: Asli Demirguc-Kunt

Research Teams


Agriculture and Rural Development 

Will Martin  

Computational Tools Michael Lokshin
Development Impact Evaluation Initiative (DIME)Arianna Legovini, Acting Manager
Environment and Energy Michael Toman 

Finance and Private Sector

Maria Soledad Martinez Peria

Macroeconomics & Growth

Luis Serven 

Human Development and Public ServicesAdam Wagstaff

Poverty & Inequality

Peter Lanjouw 

Trade and International IntegrationAaditya Mattoo 



World Development Report 



2015: The Behavioral and Social Foundations of Economic Development (kiosk announcement)Karla Hoff
2014: Managing Risk for Development Norman V. Loayza
2013: JobsMartin Rama
2012: Gender Equality and DevelopmentAna Revenga and Sudhir Shetty
2011: Conflict, Security, and Development Nigel Roberts and Sarah Cliffe
2010: Development in a Changing ClimateMarianne Fay and Rosina Bierbaum
2009: Reshaping Economic GeographyIndermit Gill
2008: Agriculture and DevelopmentDerek Byerlee and Alain De Janvry
2007: Development and the Next GenerationEmmanuel Jimenez
2006: Equity and DevelopmentFrancisco H. G. Ferreira and Michael Walton
2005: A Better Investment Climate for EveryoneWarrick P. Smith
2004: Making Services Work for Poor PeopleShantayanan Devarajan and Ritva Reinikka
2003: Sustainable Development in a Dynamic World

Zmarak Shalizi


Last updated: 2009-03-09

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